TBB 3: Spring Palace Book

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Character Guide and Glossary

There were very few people in the world that were capable of not being infatuated by Fu Wanqing’s seductively enticing smile, but Yu Shengyan managed it. Aside from her minute tremor at the onset, she didn’t make any sort of movement afterwards; even when Fu Wanqing sat on her lap, her eyes didn’t ever blink.

It wasn’t because she was a woman that she had resistance to Fu Wanqing’s beauty, but because she was Yu Shengyan.

She was world-famous Demonic Creed Head Yu Shengyan, and the Huaixiu Sword unparalleled in jianghu Yu Shengyan.

Fu Wanqing was hooked around her neck, their light and shallow breaths intermixing with each other. Her face was close to hers, the distance between them no more than a little over a cun. Hot as fire and cold as ice — two entirely different women were gathered together, which turned out to be incomparably wonderful and harmonious. Yu Shengyan looked into Fu Wanqing’s smiling eyes, but, rather than saying that she was looking at Fu Wanqing, it would be better to say that she was looking at herself via her eyes.

She didn’t answer Fu Wanqing’s words. She didn’t know what kind of place this was, nor did she care at all what kind of place this was. That old lady hadn’t been hurt by her, but she accidentally made her fall again when helping her up, so she was staying a night in this Goldmelt Grotto to compensate her.

The sky outside darkened, and string-ups of all kinds of small lanterns began to shine.

Seeing Yu Shengyan’s bearing of being above the commonfolk, Fu Wanqing’s pent-up emotions started to swell. The Head of the Demonic Creed… ought to have a cruel, merciless, vicious, and sinister bearing. Were Yu Shengyan to stand on the street, so long as she didn’t speak out about her identity, absolutely no one would suspect that she was the terrifying Creed Head, but would instead believe that she was the valued Lady of a rich family, or a banished immortal that had fallen from Heaven.

With her own heart out of sorts, Fu Wanqing wouldn’t allow those around her to have a good time, either. That was how she was. What a shame that she had been born into the Fu family; her father was praised as a Hero by everyone in jianghu, and she wore the label of ‘justice’ on her head from birth, so, under everyone’s watchful eyes, she couldn’t do a single thing that was beneath her status. Due to being repressed for too long, she was always thinking of how to indulge herself at every single given moment. She had wondered, more than once; what would’ve happened if she had been born into the Demonic Creed? Would the righteous-path Forest of the Central Plains have already been disturbed into a world-upended mess by her?

She thought and thought about this, then giggled, and, forgetting that she was currently seated on Yu Shengyan’s lap, leaned back. Seeing as she was about to fall to the floor, there was suddenly an extra pair of hands on her waist that brought her plunging body back. Fu Wanqing subconsciously reached out her own hands to press them forwards, and the soft feeling under them startled her somewhat.

Retracting them like she had gotten a static shock, she got something resembling a guilty conscience.

She wouldn’t admit as much, of course, and placed her hands on Yu Shengyan’s shoulders again. Sticking close to her ear, and with a bit of ridicule inside of allurement, she said, “Ah, this Goldmelt Grotto is a place where men come to seek pleasures. Naturally, a woman could also come in to find a moneyboy, but, like the followers of your Jadeite Water Creed, that’s a little different.” Light flowed from every corner of her eyes, the look in them resembling feathers ruffling human hearts.

“What do you mean?” Yu Shengyan lowered her lashes, some bewilderment displayed in her pupils.

Fu Wanqing gently inhaled by her ear, smelling the cool fragrance coming off of her, and became a smidgen reluctant to part from her body all of a sudden. Simply put, it was rare for Yu Shengyan to be unaware of something, so she definitely had the obligation to give an explanation for her.

Fu Wanqing frequented Goldmelt Grotto, in fact, but she was different from those that sought pleasure — she came here purely for the sake of killing people. Even so, in the midst of those comings and goings, she had still gotten familiar with a couple of things. Slipping off of Yu Shengyan’s lap like a fish, she walked to a closet, reached out to open it, and pulled out a stack of illustrated books from inside. With a bang, she threw them down in front of Yu Shengyan, then leisurely sat down across from her like nothing was amiss, waiting to enjoy her visage that was on the eve of burning red.

Yu Shengyan reached her hand out.

Fu Wanqing’s eyes then shortly slid to the other’s fingers.

There was a thin callus on her hand, left behind due to wielding a sword year-round, whereas her own hand did not have one. Having discovered a small defect on Yu Shengyan from such a comparison, Fu Wanqing grinned proudly and cheerfully. The sound of swoosh-swoosh-swooshing came with the turning of pages as Yu Shengyan read at rapid velocity, taking no more than cup of tea’s worth of effort to finish one book. Her countenance didn’t change in the slightest, the light in her eyes as cold and indifferent as before.

Fu Wanqing reminisced on when she herself had peeped into a spring palace book as a child; still possessing a bit of a little lady’s bashfulness in her heart, she had been afraid of someone finding out… but Yu Shengyan was flipping through these like she was reading the four books and five classics. Did she get it wrong?

She wound around to be behind Yu Shengyan, and what promptly rammed into her eyes was a picture of ‘mandarin ducks’ joined together.

Only the noise of page-turning and breathing remained in the still sideroom.

“I finished reading,” Yu Shengyan said mildly, after flipping to the final page and putting the book down.

“…” Fu Wanqing wasn’t sure how she ought to pick up the conversation for a second. After a minute of silence, she suddenly became enraged, glaring at Yu Shengyan. “Do you understand what kind of place Goldmelt Grotto is now? Do you know what you staying the night in it signifies? No one could stop you if you want to leave!”

“I have already promised that old lady, though,” Yu Shengyan replied indifferently.

“Great, then!” A bonfire emitted out of Fu Wanqing’s eyes. She honed in on Yu Shengyan, her words very slow. “I already gave that woman gold. You were bought by me for tonight. I want to duel you, so you’ll go out to the rear courtyard with me! I know what you left the Demonic Creed for. If you win, I can send you the medicine you want.”

Yu Shengyan’s eyes lit up when she heard ‘medicine’; she knew the stuff was in the Manor of Chivalry, as well as that Fu Wanqing was precisely the Manor’s Eldest Lady. However, she had her own standpoint and principles, and would acquire it using another method that didn’t include dueling with someone. Ultimately, she just shook her head. “That won’t do. I can’t duel with you.”

Fu Wanqing stared her in the eyes. “Why?” She had clearly moved her, so why was she restraining herself again?

Yu Shengyan’s indifferent expression morphed at last. The inside of her eyes was shrouded in a layer of deep haze, her hands that were pulled back into her sleeves clenched into fists, and she enunciated each and every word of her reply. “Huaixiu will inevitably see blood once drawn, and I don’t want to kill people.”

What that person told her was that bloodthirstiness would consume someone’s nature, and she absolutely must not take another’s life in vain due to a moment of emotion.

Fu Wanqing huffed coldly. “You think that you can beat me for certain?”

Yu Shengyan didn’t answer, but made such a sound in her head. She had already witnessed how skilled Fu Wanqing was when she struck out at her; she was yet more tremendous than what the rumors of jianghu people claimed, but still couldn’t compare to her. Yu Shengyan had never been a conceited person, but those calm eyes of hers couldn’t ever miss anything.

Under her gaze, Fu Wanqing felt like she was getting pressured by a huge mountain, making it difficult to breathe. Her sword had since come out of its sheath and gone to press against Yu Shengyan’s jade-like neck, slicing out a bloody mark. Was it that Yu Shengyan didn’t dare to, or looked down on her? No matter which one it was, both were enough to drive up Fu Wanqing’s fury — though, she did have her own principles, and wouldn’t strike at someone unarmed.

The torrential flame of her anger put out beneath peaceful eyes, Fu Wanqing dejectedly put her sword back into its scabbard, then sat her butt down on a stool, not caring about her image in the least. “I don’t care. I bought you for the night, so you definitely have to listen to me.” Such sore-loser-esque words hadn’t come out of Eldest Lady Fu’s mouth for a good many years, and she pursed her lips with a face full of annoyance once she finished saying them.

Yu Shengyan didn’t pay her any mind, only saying indifferently, “I promised the old lady I would stay here for the night, but I didn’t promise her that I would duel with anyone.”

Fu Wanqing stood up with a ha. “What if it was a man that came?” she shouted. “You refuse to duel with me, so would you ‘make clouds’ with a man, then? Would you be willing for that?”

Yu Shengyan shot a glance at her, responding as dully as ever. “The one that came was you.”

Because of that phrase, Fu Wanqing’s heart twitched, but she quickly came back to her senses and smiled gently. “Yu Shengyan, there must be a stronger and a weaker between us, regardless of what you—“

“My Lady—“

Before she could finish, she was cut off by a gray-clothed man that busted into Goldmelt Grotto. Wiping sweat off of his forehead, he took in a breath, continuing on. “My Lady, the Manor Lord knows that you got into a huge fight with people inside the Grotto, and he’s very mad right now! He wants you back at the Manor straightaway!”

A trace of impatience streaked across her eyes. She wasn’t in the mood to say anything more to Yu Shengyan, anyways, so she glared at the boyservant. “You still haven’t hurried up and left?!” she yelled lowly.

In but a couple of shichen, gossip traveled far across Yan Province, alarming even her old dad. She could entirely imagine what preposterous things the mouths of that crowd would spread outwards; they’d be none other than ‘Lady Fu loves beauties but not heroes, throwing a thousand gold away to win a woman’s smile’, or ‘Lady Fu fights with people over beauties, not hesitating to get in a huge scuffle.’

That hearsay was truly humiliating enough!

With that thought, she instead turned her head up to the sky and laughed out loud.

The translator says: Fu Wanqing is way too thirsty, and Yu Shengyan… is naive. At best.
‘Making clouds’ is a euphemism for The Sex.

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Character Guide and Glossary

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  1. ‘Lady Fu loves beauties but not heroes, throwing a thousand gold away to win a woman’s smile’
    Well they ain’t wrong about that 🤭


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