TBB 10: Chun Fengxiao

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Spring Wind Grin had wine, swords, poems, and the ‘Spring Wind Grin’, Chun Fengxiao. Mention the first thing, and the second would inevitably also be mentioned.

In this building, the most heady wine was called Chun Fengxiao, the best dish was called Chun Fengxiao, and the prettiest person was called Chun Fengxiao, too.

However, Chun Fengxiao… never ever grinned.


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One thought on “TBB 10: Chun Fengxiao

  1. oo things are picking up!! is this one if those things won’t make sense in the beginning but everything will tie up in the end stories? it seems like that.

    thank you for the update!! I’m seriously enjoying fu wanqing and yu shengyan’s relationship development


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