LS 74: The Final Battle (4)

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Wu Xi made the miracle of traveling a thousand li in a day become a reality.

The Great Qing-Nanjiang border army had withdrawn as well, going at various speeds in its rush. Yet, when they had just gotten out of Shu territory, he caught back up with them. The Nanjiang people, who had once caused Great General Feng’s four-hundred-thousand strong elites to be buried here, showing up again made the border army that had been at peace for many years mentally break out into a cold sweat.


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9 thoughts on “LS 74: The Final Battle (4)


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  2. I cannot wait for WX to arrive and whips JQ’s ass for getting him to leave. WX won’t be so easy to placate and JQ will have the time of his life trying to coax him. Thanks Chichi for the chapter, as always. Btw, do you think you will pick up Faraway Wanderer again? Whoever took over after you has now stopped for a few months and it’s such a sad thing too.

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  3. An added comment… I think it will be fun & interesting now that Wuxi has come into his own :: older..a hell of a lot stronger mentally and physically and will kick Jing Qi’s butt not taking no for an answer and will blow Jing Qi away 😳😏🥰.
    And I hope the next chapter is longer…I’m a speed reader and chapter is done way to quickly and subject matter can wait for it to explode in a good way of course.. I know with China’s censorship it can’t be detailed but sometimes just “knowing” can be even sexier 😏…..thanks again for your tireless work in this beautiful story

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  4. Only 2 more battles/chances for Jing Qi & Wuxi to come together and consummate their love for each other…oh please please please 🙏🙏🙏 I’m thinking maybe Wuxi’s warriors will join the battle and even with probable losses help to win the war… I want Jing Qi then to tell Helian Li to stick it I’m out of here and goes “home” with Wuxi….
    ChiChi it has been such a pleasure reading your works 🥰‼️I’ve signed up to get notices as you put pen to paper again….you have made these characters truly come to life in your translations…thanks so much again

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  5. Typo?
    You’ve been busy with other things ever since you woke up, so I didn’t have time to see [tell?] it yet.”

    Error in sentence.
    How could a good-for-nothing hedonist like me be [a me be] a match for a heroine like her?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work and dedication to this novel. I really appreciate it. 🙏🌹💜🌻😭🌸💥❤️


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