TBB 15: Remembering the Past

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Character Guide and Glossary

With betrothal rites, one became a wife. With eloping, one became a concubine.

A Lady from an influential family secretly eloping with someone that already had a wife was a very contemptuous, immoral thing; however, because that someone was a major hero, no one in jianghu dared to say anything. This brief, insignificant moment in the family’s history slowly faded from peoples’ memories. A rumor could be ended in the span of a few months, let alone fifteen years, and apart from those involved in the event, nobody remembered it.

When Yang Wugong had his incident, someone had said a few things about how his character followed that of his old man’s; what was good on the ears was the bits where he was elegant and romantic, what was bad on them was that he was fickle and unfaithful. Because of those words, the beating Yang Yifei gave Yang Wugong was even harsher than usual, on account of the scar on his heart getting exposed.

Those speaking of the Protectancy’s Madam, Liu Wei, would probably praise her as having the air of a well-born woman that was worthy of being a pearl in the palm of the Azure Shool’s old Leader. However, few people knew that she had long been expelled from the sect by the old Leader himself, starting from the very instant she eloped with Yang Yifei. It was not until the Leader’s death the she could return to the School once more and try to persuade her older brother, Liu Zhishang.

She was a concubine, despite having birthed a son for Yang Yifei prior to him bringing her back to the Protectancy, and despite having birthed him a daughter after entering the sect. Yang Yifei’s original wife had died, angered to death by them; that became a knot in his heart that couldn’t be undone, and because of this, he did not dare to, and could not, promote Liu Wei to the status of wife. In reality, the treatment she enjoyed was no different than that of a proper Madam, but Liu Wei still minded this status to an extreme degree.

Twenty years ago, the two most beautiful people in jianghu were the Dual Divas of Haze Island. Everyone wanted to get a peek at the pair of peerlessly gorgeous sisters, but they were plucked by brothers of the opposite sex, Fu Hui and Yang Yifei.

Pretty flowers not cherished were likely to wither.

Yang Yifei’s wife was Xie Huarong, a pretty and delicate woman, like an ill Xi Shi-type. Yang Yifei treasured and loved and respected her, but couldn’t be intimate with her; she was too fragile, making him afraid to touch her rashly. On account of this, the young Yang Yifei became immersed in loneliness, where Liu Wei was then like a fire intruding upon his line of sight.

How could Xie Huarong, who had been frail and bedridden to begin with, be able to endure such an upset?

She died, but Yang Yifei was still living peacefully.

The only one that was heartbroken about this was Xie Qiurong, who had married into the Manor of Chivalry.

Fu Hui and Yang Yifei were sworn brothers, so the Manor and Protectancy were also in alliance. How could the young Leader of the Whitepath Alliance allow his wife to destroy that relationship? Hence, he sent people to stop her. Who could have known that she would apparently go insane, risking injury to herself to kill her way to the Protectancy? Who could have known that Fu Hui’s enemies would ambush her halfway through the journey? With only one breath remaining, she arrived at the Protectancy, but before she could take even one look at her little sister, she fainted completely, and died.

If someone had granted her a helping hand, she wouldn’t have perished from her injuries.

If Fu Hui had rushed over to the Protectancy first thing, Xie Qiurong’s wounds could have been contained.

What was he doing right then, though? He was at the Azure School, trying hard to convince the daughter of the School Leader to marry Yang Yifei. He was safeguarding his allegedly indestructible Whitepath Alliance.

The twin flowers of Haze Island withered like so, and were forgotten like so.

Fu Wanqing leaned against Yu Shengyan, her smile brimming with sorrow. Extracting herself from her memories, she held onto the other’s shoulders and whispered, “I’ve told you my past. What about yours?”

She knew that Yu Shengyan didn’t care about any of this stuff. She simply wanted to convey the message that everything she did was for a reason. The darkness hidden beneath the sun’s rays, the ten-plus years of never-erased hatred buried in the heart — those so-called heroes of righteousness were all one real-life joke. They were dissolute, they were lustful, and they had no idea how much blood was splattered beneath their hands!

“Me?” Yu Shengyan chuckled. “Apart from practicing martial arts, what else could there be?”

“Is there no one deserving of being remembered by you?” Fu Wanqing asked, curious.

The other was taken aback for a minute, her eyes becoming enigmatic in short order. Then, she sighed lightly. “Just take it as a proper exchange. There’s no harm in telling you.”

Seeing her expression, Fu Wanqing felt her heart skip a beat. She curled her lip and feigned indifference. “If it’s Lou Kexin, then you don’t need to say anything. I don’t like hearing her name.”

When would Fu Wanqing ever reveal an expression of fine weather on her face? This was a rare, one-time opportunity to scout out Yu Shengyan’s past, and maybe that would be the key to winning against her in the future. Fu Wanqing wasn’t an upright person; if she wanted to know this stuff later on, she wouldn’t have another story to exchange.

Thousand Jadeite Island was a small islet on the blue sea.

It was overgrown with vegetation, and rugged with odd rocks.

What made people most terrified, however, was the disciples of the Jadeite Water Creed.

The name of the Demonic Creed had always been present. As for why it was called such, everyone in jianghu had long since forgotten, and only remembered them as villains that righteous warriors found difficult to tolerate, who had all escaped to Jadeite Water Creed to seek asylum.

“Why are you the Creed Head?” Fu Wanqing suddenly asked. “You don’t look like someone who could teach while doing unimportant stuff.”

“My father was the Creed Head.”

A faint voice rang in her ears, and in that instant, Fu Wanqing suddenly felt herself to be unbelievably stupid. Pursing her lips, she continued to ask, “You call Lou Kexin your senior sect-sister. Is she also a disciple of your father’s?”

“No.” Yu Shengyan lowered her head, voice suddenly a bit dismayed. “She’s my paternal aunt, Lou Lan’s adopted daughter. My aunt had taught me a few things, so I call her my sect-sister. Aunt Lou Lan was a good person, but, unfortunately, young women have unlucky fates. It was her that asked me to protect my sect-sister. I can’t let her die in your hands. She’s not a bad person, but she’s had a hard life, which makes her personality a bit different from regular peoples’. Back when she was set on dueling with you, I wasn’t able to stop her…”

Yu Shengyan rarely talked at length like this, truly immersed in her recollections. However, the more Fu Wanqing heard, the unhappier she got. Lou Kexin wasn’t a bad person? Yu Shengyan really did think too simply.

Holding back her anger, she listened to the end of Yu Shengyan’s words, then smiled. “I want to deal with Jadeite Water Creed. How could I not come to confront her? She hates me to the bone, so can I allow her, someone that wants to kill me at all times, to exist in this world? Swords alone dance in this jianghu. Peace is only temporary, just like between you and me; it looks harmonious, but there will inevitably come a day where it breaks. You’re a respectable, lovable, and admirable opponent; I can respect your wish, but she isn’t worthy of it.”

“Why are you wanting to compete with me?” Yu Shengyan asked, exasperated.

“Because you’re Yu Shengyan, and I’m Fu Wanqing!” A bundle of flames ignited in Fu Wanqing’s eyes.

She was a prideful person that cared to have the title of ‘number one’, wanting to seize it with her own hands.

Yu Shengyan… was like a barrier before her.

Everyone had an opponent they respected on the inside, and wanted to completely eliminate. Yu Shengyan happened to be hers.

“Without me, you would still be you. But, without you, how lonely would I be?” she sighed. “I’m itching to duel you, but lately, other ideas have slowly cropped up within me. I am also someone that takes promises seriously… three months. For these three months, I won’t act, and this’ll probably be the last time between us. What do you say, Yu Shengyan?”

Fu Wanqing wasn’t at peace with this. She discovered herself to have already placed Yu Shengyan in her heart, but what about Yu Shengyan herself?

Aloof to the mortal world, like no one existed in her eyes.

Leaving Yu Shengyan behind would simply be a moment of whimsy, but that instant of impulse brought too many shifts with it.

Between heroes, there was envy, and there was mutual appreciation.

The same went for beauties.

“I want to tear apart your indifference to the world. I want to pull you into an abyss of sin that you will never see the bottom of, making you taste the flavors of love and hate,” she said somewhat malevolently, though a trace of confusion arose within her; she knew what hate was, but… what exactly was love?

“Would you be willing to stay in that abyss, then?” Yu Shengyan gave a light smile, blinking at her. Her expression was no longer cold and indifferent, but rather a touch more facetious. Someone like this only now resembled a person of the human world — possessing of feelings, and not invariably frigid.

Fu Wanqing smiled, too, and shook her head. “No.”

A busted door, with furniture in disarray.

People passing by the front of the room would occasionally cast a quick glance inside, and then couldn’t move their feet after sighting the two beauties. One person, two people… more and more came, like a close-knit wall. They admired the prettiness, and longed to obtain that prettiness, but their abilities to detect danger caused them to stop in their tracks.

Contentedly basking under those either adoring or jealous gazes, Fu Wanqing’s lips swiped across Yu Shengyan’s face so that she could whisper a question into her ear. “Yu Shengyan, tell me; do you think it’s fine to be observed like this?”

Yu Shengyan leaned back a bit. “No.”

The other huffed. Getting off of the couch, she stepped on the floor with her bare feet, spread her arms out, spun in a circle, and brushed her sleeves away, smiling. “If you say it’s not, then it’s not. This round will all depend on you.”

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Character Guide and Glossary

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  1. Dang, with a history like that I’d want to tear apart the Whitepath Alliance, too. I wonder if the Xie sisters didn’t have any brothers or something to get justice for them


    • Also, I’m not surprised Fu WanQing didn’t want to marry the illegitimate crotchgoblin of The Other Woman that drove her maternal aunt and mother to their graves. What was going through Fu and Yang Elders’ heads to think that marriage would ever work?


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