TBB 1: Yu Shengyan

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That was a pair of beautiful hands.

Their skin was as fair as tallow, their fingers like scallions.

Those were the hands of a Lady, able to be used for playing the qin, able to be used for embroidery… yet, they were instead used for wielding a sword.

They were pretty hands, and their owner was even more shockingly so. Those young, dissolute, rich sons needed not even be mentioned, as even when children and the elderly caught sight of her smile that was as bright as spring flowers, their breaths would inevitably catch, and they would be ensnared within those charming eyes of hers. Such a beautiful person smiled at nearly every given moment, and her smile was just like fine wine, truly making one wish they could drink themselves dizzy in it.

Those in jianghu that advertised themselves as lofty heroes wanted to obtain her. Those who never backed down from committing any sort of evil and believed themselves to be unparalleled in martial arts wanted to obtain her, too. In their minds, only true heroes like them could be worthy of this number-one beauty in the land. However, those who came to possessively covet her and then put that into motion had all died. Who let that dazzling beauty, Fu Wanqing, be like this?

In order to stand against those foreign-path Fiends in jianghu, some alleged agents of righteousness had once forged the Whitepath Alliance. A hundred years later, only the Azure School, Manor of Chivalry, Flying Falcon Fortress, Divine Mystery Sect, and Soaring Might Protectancy were the remaining five families of above-grade power, and of them, the Manor was the most powerful. Its present owner was the number one person in the Martial Forest, Fu Hui, and his only daughter was precisely the nationally-recognized Fu Wanqing. While that world-upheaving change in the righteous-path Forest had been happening, the demon-path had been going through a spat, as well; all that remained was the Jadeite Water Creed as its sole dominating family, and every single one of the demonic side’s followers were under its command.

The wind caressed Fu Wanqing’s hair, revealing a pair of starry eyes filled with smiles. The gray-clothed old man standing to the side in attendance felt a chill in his heart, hurriedly lowering his head and averting his gaze. He began to speak deferentially to her. “My Lady, there’s—”

“Throw him out.” Fu Wanqing chuckled. Her hand but slightly moved, and then a blue light streaked through the air, her longsword going into its scabbard a few zhang away. It wasn’t the slightest bit off, and she hadn’t even turned to glance behind her. “Do you still not know me, Uncle Rong? All of those Young Masters that come to pay a visit to the Manor get thrown out.”

“It’s not that.” Fu Rong shook his head, removing his gaze from that sword. He gulped before he spoke again. “The Head of the Jadeite Water Creed has come to our Jiangnan.”

“Yu Shengyan!” Fu Wanqing’s eyes suddenly gleamed. She licked her lips and smiled captivatingly. “I know what she came here to do. Three years ago, her sect-sister, Lou Kexin, came to the Central Plains, and I severed both of her heel tendons. If she wants to cure those legs properly, then she’s still missing the medicine for it, which is in my Manor. No wonder she’s come in person.”

Yu Shengyan was a legend-like figure. Even though she was the Creed Head, almost no one in jianghu slandered her. They cursed all those that followed the demonic path in an infinite amount of ways, but they refused to say one bad thing about her. Due to her sword — and her face — the only person capable of comparing to Fu Wanqing happened to be Yu Shengyan. Of jianghu’s men, one-fifth of them had fallen in love with their own beloveds, two-fifths were fond of Fu Wanqing, and the rest were worshippers of Yu Shengyan. Calling all that to mind, a wave of some emotion arose in Fu Wanqing’s heart, and she couldn’t tell whether it was yearning or envy.

“Where is she right now?” Fu Wanqing asked indifferently, stroking the jade thumbring she wore.

Fu Rong paused for a good moment before he whispered back, “Goldmelt Grotto.”

The visions within Goldmelt Grotto were famed for their allure. No matter what someone’s path was, they would all make a trip there upon arriving at Yangzhou, becoming lost and entranced within a pile of rogue and perfume. That hardly-faltering smile on Fu Wanqing’s face was curbed when she heard those two words, the imposing aura she carried suddenly becoming as intense as a sword. Reason being, she had recalled a little rumor pertaining to the Jadeite Water Creed around jianghu; was it a deep feeling, or a wanton nature, in the end? After letting out a cold huff, that smile returned once more. “She’s not worthy of Yu Shengyan.”

She was referring to Lou Kexin.

She had never seen Yu Shengyan before, but she could roughly imagine her poise and looks from jianghu folks’ descriptions of her. She had seen Lou Kexin before, and she knew that chick was rude, impulsive, spoiled, and had an exaggerated view of her own abilities. Those jianghu men weren’t worthy of Yu Shengyan, but Lou Kexin was a grade unworthier than even them.

“From information that came through next, Yu Shengyan had been misled there after helping up an elder that had fallen to the ground. She seemingly isn’t aware of what kind of place it is. News has already been conveyed from the Grotto that states that a world-unrivaled beauty had come, and tonight, they’re inviting everyone in the whole city to go over there, with the highest bidder getting to have her.” Fu Rong’s voice gradually got smaller, and he was forced to draw back a couple of steps from the intensity of the aura coming off of Fu Wanqing’s body. His Young Miss was still smiling, but, based on his understanding of her from these many past years, he knew she was mad.

“Yu Shengyan is mine! No one is allowed to touch her!” she shouted brattishly, striking out with a palm to make the surrounding rock remember to shatter into pieces. Fu Rong looked at the pile of rubble and shook his head slightly. Nowadays, people only knew that his Lord was number one in the Forest, and when discussion came to the Young Miss, they would always crown her with the epithets ‘Number One Beauty’ or ‘Eldest Lady of the Manor of Chivalry’; they were unaware, though, that she had long since become a brighter hue of indigo than the blue that made her. Understanding what she meant, he was about to leave and instruct some subordinates to take care of it, yet he surprisingly heard another bratty shout.

“Hold it! Order people to prepare a horse! I’m going there myself!”

The speeding steed turned past a road gate, black hair and red clothes splitting apart beautifully in a flashy display. People walking on the street successively made way once they heard the thudding hoofbeats, and the one that didn’t have enough time to scatter away instead held his head and crouched on the ground, awaiting his imminently-descending rotten luck. The wild wind whistled, a neigh was heard, and then both horse and beauty jumped over his head, only leaving behind one scarlet afterimage that dazzled the eyes. The crouching guy stood up, gazing foolishly in the direction of the departing red figure.

“What are you looking at? That fire-red-rose-like woman is the Manor of Chivalry’s Eldest Lady, and you’re deluding yourself about her?” Suddenly getting clapped on the shoulder by someone, that dumbfounded man gradually snapped out of it amidst loud yells and roaring laughter, and his face immediately billowed deep red. He gathered up his stuff that was randomly scattered, incessantly mumbling to himself in response, “How could I be deluded? There likely isn’t a single man in this world that could be deserving of her.”

Fu Wanqing had gone towards Goldmelt Grotto. She swiveled over, jumped off her horse, threw the reins to the stablehand at the entrance, then, ignoring the uproar of those people, straight-up walked inside. Who in Yang City didn’t know her grand name, and who would dare to stop her in her tracks? It was merely that, in a few days’ time, there would probably be a rumor circulating jianghu that she was solely fond of beauties, and un-fond of heroes.

The smell of greasy cosmetics floated within the shoddy foyer. Drunk men peered on intently, holding a beauty in one arm and going to hook the one pouring wine with the other. The first floor of the Grotto was entirely a couple of abnormal characters contrasted with the lowest-ranking beauties in the building. Fu Wanqing crept up along the mahogany-made stairs, bursts of gasps and frail cries transmitting from within siderooms.

She nabbed a boyservant that was passing through there, but as soon as she had the thought to question him, she heard the peal of a drawn-out, swelling qin sound out from a sideroom at the very end locale. It’s her! It’s Yu Shengyan! Fu Wanqing wasn’t sure why she had a feeling like that in her heart, and was so strongly convicted of it, moreover. She flung the one that was in her way away, walking briskly towards the place the qin was coming from. Hand already fastened upon the zhennan door, she hesitated all of a sudden. If it was Yu Shengyan, what should she do? If it wasn’t Yu Shengyan, then what should she do? Idiot; she actually didn’t know what she was doing looking for Yu Shengyan at all! Comparing swordplay, just like how she had severed Lou Kexin’s tendons three years prior? Once that idea arose, it was like a ball of fierce flame ignited within her, burning with an uncontainable momentum.

Right. She was looking for Yu Shengyan merely to compare swords. Between them, only one could survive. She, Fu Wanqing, wouldn’t allow anyone to tack Yu Shengyan on whenever they spoke of her.

She pushed open the door and walked in. The one in the room wasn’t a shred astonished, and her qin wasn’t the least bit congested, either. Fu Wanqing couldn’t see what she looked like, as there was a length of light muslin curtain partitioning them. Wind blew in from the latticed window, and incense spiraled up out of a jeweled duck censer, making the one in the curtain seem both real and imaginary.

Both calm and crisp, its inquiring sound reached subtlety, like a deep abyss that could not be gauged, and a tall mountain that could not thrive. If there was any internal energy mixed within it, it would likely be capable of easily taking someone’s life. Fu Wanqing was alarmed, murderousness fully appearing in her pupils. Her hand was already pressed against the hilt of her sword, but at that moment, the sound morphed; like a lazy spring wind, it rushed and slowed in alternation, cutting off and then replenishing anew. Her mood fluctuated in the qin’s wake, and she was unexpectedly taken into it. By the time the song ended, the inside of her hand had since been clenched into a cold sweat.

“Yu Shengyan! You’re Yu Shengyan!” She quickly stood up. No longer giving a care for any sort of etiquette, she brusquely lifted the curtain and barged right in.

Sitting beside the qin table was a woman wearing white, the distance in her expression as frigid as snow.

Fu Wanqing had never before believed that she would perceive her own inferiority in front of a woman, but she also felt that anyone ought to be that way in front of Yu Shengyan. Even so, that logic existed in her skull for barely one moment before it was annihilated. Her swordlight contrasted with her eyes and her smile. “Three years ago, your sect-sister suffered a defeat beneath my sword. Aren’t you going to take revenge for her?”

The author says: The protagonist is really really pretty. The protagonist is really really rotten. The protagonist is really really strong. The writing style is really really weird. Don’t ask me about the logic, there is none.
The translator says: Here’s a wuxia glossary that explains stuff like internal energy and swordlight. Not sure how often I’m going to work on this. I’ll see how reception on it goes.

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  1. I always get a kick out of the way beauties are described in chinese fantasy like this, such over the top descriptions like “two fifths of the men in Jianghu loved one lady and two fifths loved the other” lmao.


  2. How do I say this, the story itself is superb, your translating skills too! I’m extremely happy to read this in a new year’s date! Thanks a bunch!


  3. I don’t understand where they are. The head of the demon-path assisted the elderly and was somehow lured into playing music at a brothel or something? I’m missing something. Looks good though, thanks for translating this so neatly.


  4. OMG thank you so much for choosing this novel. The writing is so beautiful and I was immediately immersed in it and also the way you could pull of the translations is awesome.


  5. Thanks for translating the chapter.
    I really like female leads with cold personalities. Hope to see you translate more chapters of this.


  6. This seems so intense ah!! Two beauties proficient in the art of blade having contrast personalities is such an interesting combo!

    Fufufu. I can already see with my gay goggles who’s bottom.

    Can’t wait to see how things will turn out. Thank you for picking this up!!

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  7. Wah! Exchanging pointers in the first meeting, fierce, really fierce… XD
    This sounds so interesting, I’m excited T T. Thank you for picking this novel :”3
    [Is this Shoujo Ai? Today I swear I was crying and bawling cause I wanted to read/watch a Yuri but there are too little~ T T!!!]

    Many, many, many thanks for the chapter and for picking this novel!!!
    Have a nice day ^^


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