TBB 1: Yu Shengyan

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That was a pair of beautiful hands.

Their skin was as fair as tallow, their fingers like scallions.

Those were the hands of a Lady, able to be used for playing the qin, able to be used for embroidery… yet, they were instead used for wielding a sword.


ToC and Character Guide | Next

13 thoughts on “TBB 1: Yu Shengyan

  1. I always get a kick out of the way beauties are described in chinese fantasy like this, such over the top descriptions like “two fifths of the men in Jianghu loved one lady and two fifths loved the other” lmao.


  2. How do I say this, the story itself is superb, your translating skills too! I’m extremely happy to read this in a new year’s date! Thanks a bunch!


  3. I don’t understand where they are. The head of the demon-path assisted the elderly and was somehow lured into playing music at a brothel or something? I’m missing something. Looks good though, thanks for translating this so neatly.


  4. OMG thank you so much for choosing this novel. The writing is so beautiful and I was immediately immersed in it and also the way you could pull of the translations is awesome.


  5. Thanks for translating the chapter.
    I really like female leads with cold personalities. Hope to see you translate more chapters of this.


  6. This seems so intense ah!! Two beauties proficient in the art of blade having contrast personalities is such an interesting combo!

    Fufufu. I can already see with my gay goggles who’s bottom.

    Can’t wait to see how things will turn out. Thank you for picking this up!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wah! Exchanging pointers in the first meeting, fierce, really fierce… XD
    This sounds so interesting, I’m excited T T. Thank you for picking this novel :”3
    [Is this Shoujo Ai? Today I swear I was crying and bawling cause I wanted to read/watch a Yuri but there are too little~ T T!!!]

    Many, many, many thanks for the chapter and for picking this novel!!!
    Have a nice day ^^


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