LS 1-32

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Chapter 1: Seven Lifetimes of Ephemeral Lives

[Start of Book 1: Glorious Springtime Does Not For the Youth Remain]

The first lifetime, a stone appeared, turning into the burial mound of a hero, feelings unable to be broken.

The second lifetime, a boulder split, ferrying a predestined love across the Bridge, a pair of mandarin ducks flying off together.

The third lifetime, a jadeite burned, vowing to abide by an invaluable oath, eternally following each other in life and death.


ToC and Character Guide | Next

14 thoughts on “LS 1-32

  1. Thank you so much for translating this! I love your style of translation – it’s very clear. I’m only chapter 11 now, but I’m really looking forward to reading more! ❤

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  2. Wait wait. what does the Netherjudge meant at the end? BWC is Helian Yi? Aaaaaaa can’t wait to read this one further… i came from Golden Stage 😁😁

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    • I’m so stupid to not have analyzed things thoroughly so i commented this ^ hahahahaha.
      P.S.: i want a story about that Netherjudge and soul messenger!

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      • Hahaha. It took me months to realize this too. All the explanation for the confusion that the readers will encounter later in the story will make sense if we remember this part. Basically, the Nether Judge knew that the true fated pair is BeiYuan and Bai WuChang/ WuXi 😂 Many of us were just as confused as HuJia here throughout the story. JingQi realized BWC is WuXi later on. But until the end, the only one who knew their destiny was just the NetherJudge who only watched them all suffer for centuries HAHAHAHAHA


  3. You pick the best kind of stories to translate and I wish you could have continued with Faraway Wanderers as I prefer you style of translation very much after reading GS. 谢谢!

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  4. Omg. This chapter is so clearly translated. Not that I had any doubt – just thoroughly happy. 🥳🙏 I have Read your GOLDEN STAGE translation –
    fellow readers, it a must read. Go to it!!! 😍💝🥰💜🙏

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  5. Thanks for picking this novel, I really appreciate your translation, many, many thanks ^^!!
    This novel really excites me, ahhh!!!
    Thanks You again!!
    Have a really nice day!! :’3

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  6. Ooooh my goodness! I’ve been wanting to read qiye for a long time, you have no idea how happy I am right now. Thank you for your hard work, your translations are golden, I look forward to future chapters! ❤

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