LS 69: In the Red Muslin Canopy

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As if he didn’t recognize the man, Jing Qi couldn’t come back to himself for a long time, only staring blankly at Helian Yi.

Helian Yi chucked. “Why do you look so dumb?”

Jing Qi opened his mouth, but before he had time to say anything, Helian Yi raised his hand and motioned it downwards, cutting him off. “I’m not discussing this with you. Though the Shamanet is a hostage, his skills aren’t bad. Since he was received by Father Emperor when he arrived, he shouldn’t be too unpresentable when he leaves. That’s why I’m ordering you to see him off.”


[End of Book 3: Watching Him Raise A Tall Building, Entertain Guests In It, Collapse It]

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17 thoughts on “LS 69: In the Red Muslin Canopy

  1. i love helian yi so much this chapter made me want to cry. from what helian zhao thought before dying, i’m convinced they’re not brothers, after all he said it was his malicious plan. but it doesn’t matter at this point, bc helian yi will always have that doubt. i KNEW he wouldn’t hurt beiyuan in this life even tho others hated him hahaha he’s my boy. honestly jing qi isn’t the most reliable narrator, he can’t read people’s minds even if he’s that old


  2. Well, I admit that I was too biased about HLY. He didn’t have any selfish intention in sending JBY out. I would hate HLY too much if even this was calculated. However, this decision of his is like a shackle to JBY. After all, he hasn’t totally betrayed him in this life. Mainly because power has not corrupted him enough yet. If his suspicion was given time to ferment and the war wasn’t on the verge, would his decision be the same as the previous life? Idk, because JBY has behaved bad enough to not be promising. Would it be enough to keep his life? I just hope he can leave with Wu Xi. I hope JBY won’t cut off his own last resort in a death-seeking way. Funnily enough, this is the first chapter that I felt HLY was pitiful. Throughout the story no matter what others said, I didn’t find him that pitiful.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😊😍


  3. Imagine JQ ended up telling him that he was going to leave with Wu Xi and there’s no papapa scene just misunderstanding 😂✋

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  4. This last scene feels like a goodbye kiss. My heart is heavy..

    As for the crown prince.. I’m glad to see that he does have a heart after all.. in the most desperate moment, he still think of a way out for his beloved. Bei Yuan ah.. those years you deeply loved him were not in vain after all

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  5. Hurry back please‼️What a cliffhanger ‼️
    Just finished the Golden Stage ❤️❤️❤️
    You are the best!! Only want to read your translations in the future….🙌🙌👏👏❤️

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  6. Helian Yi is planning to send Ji Qing away to Nangjian but it seems Ji Qing is not going with Wu Xi after all… Why else would he talk about a separation? Ahh.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  7. The Envoy at the beginning who was wuxi’s incarnation had watched JQ at the rock for so long ..I think that was the beginning of his love for JQ..didn’t he follow him to the mortal world? They both remembered all those years JQ sat at the rock but all he could do was watch him from afar…The Envoy (Wuxi) said he was making up for his error in bringing him back too early…did he know he would follow JQ or was this a last minute heartfelt decision?? It’s braking my heart that this is supposed to be JQ’s last reincarnation will he not have a love that lasts this time??? Yes I think HY is doing this out of jealousy and spite….even though he found out they were blood brothers I don’t think he loved him any less……well I maybe totally off the mark and be a hopeless romantic 🤷‍♀️

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  8. It is so desperate that I think he intends to stay and this is a farewell…its so hearbreaking… HY did one thing right tho…

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  9. Thank you so much for the hard work! It’s great to see JQ finally making the first step. But „loving then separating“… does that mean JQ is not going to leave with WX? I‘m scared.


      • I’m reading Faraway Wanderers at the same time, which makes me feel better, but I am still Worried for both of them. I don’t think HY has any other intentions than to send JQ away to safety though and be less of a distraction to him.


      • Yeah maybe JQ thinks it‘s his fate or duty to stay behind (and probably die in the war)?? It’s so sad because he really deserves better. I hope WX can convince him to leave with him.


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