FYC 141: Thigh-Hugging (For Real)

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Character Guide and Glossary

The palace was utterly silent at night. The cries of bugs and birds, and even the sound of footsteps coming from far away, were audible, likely due to heavy echoes.

It had snowed tonight, leaving a thick layer of white snow on the ground. The dim candlelight illuminated a large range by means of the snow’s contrast. The woven soles of black silk shoes noiselessly stepped upon it, the cold wind happening to occasionally bring words right into the Emperor’s ears.


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Character Guide and Glossary

One thought on “FYC 141: Thigh-Hugging (For Real)

  1. What kind of stupid plan have they cooked up now? •_•’

    Also, Emperor and Consort Wan are very sweet together. Even if it’s for plotting the accidental demise of the Empire…

    Thanks for the translation!


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