FYC 140: No Shame to Speak Of

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The instant the two appeared, Wan An and Wan Tong’s expressions changed in unison.

Wan Tong seized the lead, saying unhappily, “You’re very mighty, Solon Tang. Who here has ill intent? This letter is His Majesty’s personal statement, ordered for the Cabinet ministers to read! I only came here on decree, yet you dare to say I have ill intent! Ignoring the Emperor’s command is the real ill intent here! Whoever wants to act as a traitorous subject will not be forgiven by the spring-gilt sabre I hold!”


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Character Guide and Glossary

3 thoughts on “FYC 140: No Shame to Speak Of

  1. That was a very nice, tense scène! The winding down after was very sweet.

    Thank you for the translation!


  2. That cabinet situation had me nervous. I’m glad Tang Fan got some good food and company afterwards. I wonder who could be calling the king? Thank you for translating!


  3. I enjoy the political intrigue in this book and how deftly Tang Fan navigates it. Wan Tong was totally owned 😛

    I remember that this aspect was quite annoying in the live action drama as they made Tang Fan really inept and clumsy at court life or interacting with the emperor – basically he was a bumbling youngster at everything except eating and solving cases by deduction.

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