FYC 142: Tied to the Belt

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In the face of everyone’s strange looks, Tang Fan acted like nothing was wrong, turning to say to Peng Yichun, “Old Peng, go send someone to the Brocade Guard’s Capital Envoy Office, and tell them that Court rebels were discovered here. Have them send people over.”

Pitiful Peng Yichun, in spite of being a Minister, was shocked into a stutter by that. “Wh… what Court rebels?”


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Character Guide and Glossary

4 thoughts on “FYC 142: Tied to the Belt

  1. Sui Zhou is so naughty, not letting go of any opportunity he got just to tease Fan Fan🤣🤣


  2. Thanks for putting those two chapters out together! 🙂
    Good thing Tang Fan is so quick-witted 🙂


  3. High jinks chapter! We all need one of those before whatever is going to happen with the Emperor…

    Thank you for translating! (And don’t do too much violence against yourself while doing it XD Take care!)


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