FYC 143: Prefer to Break, not Bend

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Character Guide and Glossary

Upon arriving at the Palace of Heavenly Clarity, everyone was brought into a side hall. The eunuch in front of the Emperor said, “Gentlemen, please sit and wait here for a bit. His Majesty would like to speak to the Vice Vizier inside.”

Despite the Ming Grand Chancellor position being re-distributed, and the might of Tang-Song Prime Ministers no longer existing, the Emperor still had to uphold fundamental courtesy towards Tang Fan and them. Had typical officials been visiting, they would have been made to stand outside and wait, but Viziers would need to have seats to sit in and tea to drink.


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Character Guide and Glossary

3 thoughts on “FYC 143: Prefer to Break, not Bend

  1. Then, next morning they got the news that earthquake swallowed Chenghua and All of the Wan Party last night!! Happily ever and after….


  2. Ah. I was really expecting Tang Fan to be more effective in pleading with the emperor. Our hopes rest on the earthquake now, I guess. Thank you for translating!


  3. Well, sometimes you just need a little earthquake to move shake things up? (Pun not really intended XD)

    Thank you for the translation!


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