FYC 144: The Start of a Conspiracy

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Character Guide and Glossary

“An earthquake?”

Tang Fan’s mind was not yet clear, not totally resuming his typical sophisticated calmness. His black eyes even had a thin fog over them, his expression confused and guileless, while his inner clothes hung loose on his form, revealing a large expanse of bare chest beneath it.


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Character Guide and Glossary

6 thoughts on “FYC 144: The Start of a Conspiracy

  1. Our first real look into Consort Wan and the Emperor’s relationship! All I can say is that it’s a damn shame that they couldn’t have been born into less noble stations in life–then their love could probably be admirable rather than this twisted, unfortunate thing. I guess I understand now why the Emperor’s attachment is so strong–Consort Wan saved his life and sanity in his most formative years and is (urk) mother and lover both. Pretty oedipal. Crap, looks like the Crown Prince is in danger (when isn’t he tho)!

    Thank you for the amazing translations!!!! I basically binged everything in the past few days and I am continually amazed at the quality. I also enjoy your veryyyyy tiny footnotes about translation choices you made (Shitstone, ahaha but more seriously the Great Blankness etc.) so hope to continue seeing more of those in the future.


  2. Oh, so the earthquake did make things better! Or did it? I don’t like the sound of those conspirators. Thank you for translating!


  3. Oooooh I wonder what Wan An will choose to do! He doesn’t look completely on board with Hatever new shenanigans are brewing…

    And the little detour through court official doing their political calculus on the earthquake was delightful to me XD

    Thank you for the translation!


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