FYC 136: The Hedong Lion at Home

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Character Guide and Glossary

[Arc 11: The Case of a Capital in Crisis and the Authenticity of the Crown Prince]

In the wake of Li Zilong’s death, the majority of his subordinates were caught. The White Lotus Society completely collapsed. A few fish had yet slipped the net and gone on the run, but they could hardly clap with one hand; they were of no speakable threat to the Court.

The silver that the Society had been about to pack up and carry away was intercepted, and later on, the Brocade Guard discovered many silver banknotes on Li Zilong’s corpse. They all belonged in chunks to a few different native banks to exploit for business over these several years, as sly hares had more than one burrow to fall back on. That could ensure that he would have money that he could use anytime, anywhere — and it was precisely the reason that he had always had enough manpower and material power to contend with the Court.


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Character Guide and Glossary

2 thoughts on “FYC 136: The Hedong Lion at Home

  1. Yay for the new arc!
    I see that having lots of useless meetings where you try to dissuade your boss from making stupid decisions, was also a thing in fictional historical China XD


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