FYC 135: How Lucky

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Character Guide and Glossary

Even in the hottest periods of summer, ice water like this would have been enough to make him shudder. It wasn’t something he wanted to experience a second time in his life.

That was, if he still had enough life left to experience a second time at all.

“Long time no see, Sir Tang. You’ve been well since our parting, right?” a familiar voice resounded.


[End Arc 10: The Case of the Imperial Exams]

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Character Guide and Glossary

6 thoughts on “FYC 135: How Lucky

  1. Such a tight ending for this arc!
    The author is so good at keeping a focused narration, at following plot and character consistency and just at painting believable characters.

    And it’s such a nice payoff for this story to see the repercussions of Tang Fan and Sui Zhou’s action: Li Zilong is still the evil genius he is, but his resources and followers have been reduced and are not intelligent or loyal enough this time to save him.
    Li Zilong’s death can be the background of Tang Fan mourning his friend and doesn’t have to be hyper super duper epic, because it feels earned.

    Thank you so very much for translating this wonderful story!


  2. That was really intense! I feel sorry for Ji Min—I kinda liked him. I’m really glad Tang Fan and Sui Zhou are okay! I’ve begun to eye the number of remaining chapters with equal parts excitement and dread. Thank you for translating!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my Ziming, I’m sorry I doubted you 😭😭 Also For Xi Ming, May you rest well in Yellow Spring. I had a good impression of him.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. what a great chapter.

    li zilong is the villain I love to hate. imo the series portrayed him really well, the actor and direction were fantastic. lz is so evil honestly.

    Ji Min’s storyline is interesting – he’s got a lot of layers. He’s still hoping to make it / be successful within the white lotus framework, but he doesn’t want tf to die and still goes out of his way to look out for tf. what a complex character. and despite it all, tf errs on the side of gracious generosity and promises to help jm save face with the court. dang. fascinating.

    SZ is such a boss. phew.

    thanks for translating.

    that last line melts my heart. suitang forever ❤️💖


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