FYC 134: In Peril

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Character Guide and Glossary

Even though they hadn’t found Xu Sui in the Xu household that day, Lu Lingxi felt like he was likely still hiding out in there. Even if he wasn’t, someone of the household must know his whereabouts. Thus, Lu Lingxi kept watch near the rear gate of the Xu residence, spying for news straight from the Xu servants, hoping to find something related to Xu Sui in the process.

However, for two successive days, he had been disappointed. People came in and out of the Xu’s rear gate daily, their cooks and workmen often chatting about daily life when the farmers came to deliver their vegetables, yet they never mentioned Xu Sui. At most, all they brought up was that Tang Fan had brought people to raid the house, saying that when their Master got back, that Censor would be out of luck and whatnot.


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Character Guide and Glossary

3 thoughts on “FYC 134: In Peril

  1. Actually I too had a suspicion about Jiming right from the start gor that he won’t be picked up again in this Arc for no good reason. How could it be possible for a mearly-failure-scholar like him suddenly got so lucky that a from-who-knows-where merchant invested in him to be a Luling Magistrate?? That was way too suspicious from the start and definitely Tang Fan wouldn’t be likely to notice his behind-the-curtain acts due to their old good brotherhoodship. Look like this Arc gonna be the final appearance of White Lotus Society as the story is getting closer to the Ending!!!


  2. Gosh, the title is so accurate! I’m even a bit worried about Lu Lingxi and Sui Zhou now… Do you think it’s Li Zilong’s turn to fall in love with Tang Fan and keep him alive longer than he should? XD

    I only suspected Ji Min because of mystery novel rules that the least suspicious guy is always guilty… And Fang Huixue’s “oh I’m too sick I can’t see anyone” act was strongly hinting at a hidden identity, but I hadn’t dared to guess the big man himself.

    Thank you so much for translating!


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