FW 77: Finale (III)

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In spite of Wen Kexing’s tragic, powerless appearance, the Scorpion still stood two zhang apart from him, beaming and clucking his tongue. “How unexpected, how unexpected.”

Wen Kexing was still able to force out a smile. “What’s unexpected?” he asked lightly.

The Scorpion shook his head. “Ghost Master, no matter how impressive and capable one is, when they fall into such a plight… who can say how the ways of the world go for certain?”


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42 thoughts on “FW 77: Finale (III)

  1. Thank you for your hard work! I can’t believe I’ve reached the end of this novel. What had started out as a ‘hey, this show is interesting, let’s check it out’ has ended in hours of binge-reading translations of the original novel and many pterodactyl screeches in between. Absolutely adore this universe! With this being my first time encountering ‘wuxia’ and Chinese works, I’m definitely looking forward to more! Again, thank you for translating~

    P.S. WKX & ZZS are just too shippable. They make such a power couple and I LOVE it!

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  2. The ending was so good! I’m glad they both got their happy ending. And I loved that when ZZS confirmed he was stay with him, WKX suddenly got a burst of energy lol.

    If anyone could help explain, I got a little lost between different translations. I’ve seen some say the Rong Xuan was WKX father (I know that’s not right) and others say he’s ZZS father… but I tried re-reading some passages and couldn’t find evidence of that. Did I miss something, and if I did where was this mentioned or implied? Or were those commenters just misinformed?


    • im pretty sure ur confused with the Chanqing thing.
      As far as I know in the novel,
      Ye Baiyi had a family live with him and that family was Chanqing’s wife and his son, Rong Xuan.
      Rong Xuan had a wife, and it seemed like his wife was friends with Wen Kexing’s dad, Wen Ruyu.
      Wen Kexing is not related to Rong Xuan at all, he was just his family’s trusted friend.
      IDK where the Zhou Zishu father Rong Xuan came, but it definitely doesn’t make sense.


  3. Can anyone tell me which chap was it mentioned about WKX’s name he separated his original name into two characters?


  4. my.. heart
    I don’t know what to say, mu heart is being broken and made over and over again


  5. The man laughed out loud — this was what it was to have a guardian deity watching over you.

    Can’t agree more. If this is in Zhang Chengling pov, he can carried the MC’s title very easily + his strict shifu Zhou Zishu and his shifu’s troublemaker husband lol.

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  6. I’m happy that ZZS and WKX got happy ending!

    To the commisioner/s and translator, thank you for finishing this novel!

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