FYC 13: Final Piece of Cake

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Character Guide and Glossary

All three of them prepped their everyday clothes at the bureau, and when it was dismissed for the day, they changed into them, then left for Immortal Guest.

Pan Bin, Wei Yu, and Tang Fan were all officials promoted via imperial exams. Pan Bin was Tang Fan’s senior schoolmate, while Wei Yu was a Place Honorate from the eighth year of Chenghua — when they started deeply discussing about things, everyone had quite a bit of common ground. Despite Pan Bin typically liking to put on airs, as well as being a bit stingy and fond of bickering as a person, he was not only Wei Yu and Tang Fan’s superior, but also an older generation of official. He had a lot more experience than the other two, and plenty of advice and guidance to spare, thus making the meal one where everyone talked and laughed leisurely, both the host and the guests the utmost of pleased.


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Character Guide and Glossary

5 thoughts on “FYC 13: Final Piece of Cake

  1. I just wonder what kind of thoughts did SZ have when he heard the maid’s request to TF.
    Sharing pastry together, finally there is something “sweet” between them!
    P.S. Thank you for the translation!


  2. “We’ve already discussed before that it’s impossible for someone to be tapped on the acupoint and be unaware of it while in a conscious state. For that reason, the relationship between Tang Fan and this individual is certain to be close, or, at the very least, they need to have shared a bed with him for a time. Going along with that condition, Miss Hui doesn’t satisfy it, and Zheng Zhi even less so.”

    I believe the Tang Fan there should be Zheng Cheng.

    Thanks for your hard work 😍


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