FYC 14: Are You Interested in Him?

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Character Guide and Glossary

Meanwhile, Ah-Xia returned to the courtyard Mistress Li resided in, a heavy load on her mind. By coincidence, Ah-Chun was lifting the curtain to leave, catching sight of her. “Why did it take you this long to deliver snacks?” she admonished. “The Madam’s waiting for your report!”

Madam Li’s surname was Zhang. She was a full fifty years of age and had taken good care of herself — at the very least, she wasn’t as bad in comparison to the widespread early aging of her peers. Even so, there were still many hard-to-prevent wrinkles climbing out the corners of her eyes, and she stooped slightly, despite her kindly face. Noticing Ah-Xia walk in, she smiled and asked, “You delivered it?”


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Character Guide and Glossary

3 thoughts on “FYC 14: Are You Interested in Him?

  1. Poor Qingzhi that guy was trash she was only 19 she deserved a better end than that. 😥

    Lady Zhang is a boss though, I like her! I don’t ship that maid with Tang Fan but I appreciate Lady Zhang just being all supportive for her.


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