FYC 147: Eunuch Wang’s Special Act

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Tang Fan had been denounced because someone had seen him come in and out of Wang Zhi’s capital residence, and that very night, Wang Zhi had gone to the East Palace to visit the Crown Prince. A Cabinet member and a eunuch being too close was a great taboo.

Regardless of whether there actually was a direct connection between the two, the coincidence in timing was enough for someone with an ulterior motive to connect the dots. Therefore, the censor’s points in denouncing Tang Fan were very clear: he was spying upon the palace’s internals for some unfathomable motive.


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Character Guide and Glossary

One thought on “FYC 147: Eunuch Wang’s Special Act

  1. So true about being shocked/not shocked! Same with the fate of the crown prince. I know he’s going to become emperor but I still fear what’s going to happen to him XD

    Thank you so much for the translation!


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