FYC 146: Bothersome Junk

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Character Guide and Glossary

The one who stopped Tang Fan was Zhou Jing — not a nameless junior, but the husband of Princess Chongqing. These days, he managed the Imperial Clan Court, being the consort-kin of highest repute today.

Princesses of this Dynasty resembled the former Song’s, having weak sense of existences; after marrying someone, the married couple of nobodies becoming estranged and ultimately ending in despair was a common occurrence. Princess Chongqing was an exception, however, because she had been birthed by Empress Dowager Zhou, the little sister of the current Emperor. Only that layer to her identity was enough to make people look at her differently.


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Character Guide and Glossary

One thought on “FYC 146: Bothersome Junk

  1. So mysterious! Good child actors are hard to come by so I feel it might be a bluff?

    Thank you for translating!


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