FYC 129: Mister Tang’s Bedmaid

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Xi Ming’s group speedily found the spot Lin Zhen was buried: his body had been transported to the Lin family’s ancestral tombs in their Luling County’s suburbs.

That area wasn’t far from the County, but since what they were about to do was not fit to be seen, they obviously couldn’t go plain dig up the grave in the light of day; it needed to be done in secret. Therefore, after Xi Ming had come back with the report, Tang Fan decided to head over the next night, because the day after tomorrow was Double Seventh — Ji’an nighttime would be having a lively lantern festival, and everyone of every age in the city would be coming out to see and release lanterns. On that night only, all the city’s gates would not be shut for curfew, and their group coming and going would not attract anyone’s notice.


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Character Guide and Glossary

9 thoughts on “FYC 129: Mister Tang’s Bedmaid

  1. I thought Lady Qiao was going to be our beloved Eunuch Wang, didn’t expect it would be Xiao Wu LMAO.


  2. Sui Zhou seems to be having a good time. Lu Lingxi less so. And I’m so happy to see Xiao Wu again! Thank you for translating!


  3. Oh gosh…I truly believed that the “cousin” in the sedan could be my darling Eunuch Wang 😂
    Thank you for the translation 💖


  4. Shy Sui Zhou talking about being Tan Fang’s bedmaid … luckily Tan Fang has good self-control 😉


  5. This novel has taught me to never quite know what to expect next, so I’m coming up with the most implausible ideas for this cliffhanger…

    And I really enjoy how they’re all 100% commited to their acting XD

    Thanks for the translation!


  6. gwahhhhh cliffhanger 😭 can’t wait to read what happens next.

    thank you for this gorgeous chapter! lol sz cross dressing ❤️❤️ and xw’s new employment is v cool 😎


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