FYC 128: Just Spit It Out

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Character Guide and Glossary

Very early the next morning, Tang Fan went straight to the prefectural bureau and asked Magistrate Fan to invite Lin Fengyuan over. However, the one sent to pass the message on returned to Magistrate Fan, saying that Lin Fengyuan was feeling unwell, and sent someone to inform him that he was taking leave today to recuperate.

Magistrate Fan scowled immediately. “Go to the Lin home and tell him that no matter how many illnesses he’s suffering, he needs to get over here—“


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Character Guide and Glossary

2 thoughts on “FYC 128: Just Spit It Out

  1. This is such a Tang Fan move: not flaunting your authority, but discreetly doing a bit of grave robbing at night XD

    Thank you very much for the chapter!


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