FYC 122: Eunuch Wang, Ever Fond of Adding to Others’ Troubles

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[Arc 10: The Case of the Imperial Exams]

Tang Fan had originally planned to return to his native home and worship his ancestors after returning from Suzhou, but now that he was still bearing the title of an imperial ambassador while a life debt had broken out in Ji’an for no good reason, his hopes had subsequently been dashed. Once he had passed the follow-up arrangements to Wang Zhi, he was to ride non-stop to Ji’an of Jiangxi.

Prior to his departure, he lamented to Wang Zhi, “I remember that when I first got to know you, you hadn’t even reached crowning age yet, and a few years have since passed in the blink of an eye. Pitifully, we must part ways after meeting up for not too many days. After today’s farewell, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see you again until my return to the capital. I do hope you will take extra good care of yourself.”


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Character Guide and Glossary

4 thoughts on “FYC 122: Eunuch Wang, Ever Fond of Adding to Others’ Troubles

  1. Thanks again Chichi!

    I love Wang Zhi giving Tang Fan shit about his relationship with Sui Zhou. XD

    Sui Zhou is definitely going to show up at some point in this case isn’t he? They’ll be in the same province(?) so how could he stay away?

    I also love how oblivious Tang Fan is to Lu Lingxi’s crush on him. LL is all starry-eyed at TF and TF is all ‘aww, what a cute little brother’.

    And it’s interesting seeing threads from previous cases showing up again, like our old ‘friends’ the White Lotus Society.


  2. I can’t stop wondering how I could live without my dearest a***ole Wang Zhi 😂
    Thank you for translating this amazing story!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tang Fan’s goodbye: swelling emotional music.
    Wang Zhi’s reply: record scratch.

    So excited for the new arc! I already love the setup for this case and the potential suspects…

    Thank you for the translation! I was going to say, I hope you had a nice break, but it sounds like it was more of a very busy time so… good luck and take care of yourself!


  4. I’m so happy to be reading FYC again! I’m about to start a full reread of the chapters that are translated so far. Thank you for preserving the swear words for us in this translation! Thank you for translating!


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