FYC 109: Gnawing on Bones

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From a brief couple of sentences, Tang Fan’s mind was like a storm of waves, though that didn’t show on his surface, and he instantly figured many things out.

Clearly, this had been a trap all along. It could even be said that after Peng Hua had recommended him for being an East Palace tutor, and he had agreed to it, he had already stepped into this trap.

It was a trap not only targeting him, but the Crown Prince.


[End of Arc 8: Into the East Palace]

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Character Guide and Glossary

7 thoughts on “FYC 109: Gnawing on Bones

  1. Odeio esse imperador de merda! Ele coloca sentimentos no lugar da razão. Tenho certeza que se em um momento na história chegarem a dizer que consorte Wan matou alguém, o imperador ainda não acreditaria mesmo se mostra-se as provas na cara dele. 😐

    Tadinho do Tang Fan e o príncipe herdeiro tava amando relação professor-aluno. 🎀

    Muito obrigada pela tradução ChiChi🤗 espero ansiosamente por mais 🎉🎊


  2. Thank you for your hard work!

    Oh dear, the poor prince! And Tang Fan of course, but we need him to be out and about solving cases after all, don’t we, haha =)


  3. How long did Tang Fan teach? About a month if I vaguely recall by Sui Zhou’s “wedding”? It’s going to be a short line on his resume. XD

    That said, the mere existence of competent emperors is a complete miracle when you see how they had to be raised in the palace… It sometimes feels like what the Crown Prince needs is just a hug.
    And once again I really enjoy how the author makes Tang Fan shine without breaking the historical context, the villains danger factor or her characters consistency.

    Thank you for the translation of this arc!


  4. Well….at least he isn’t dead? Still seems deeply unpleasant. Such a shame—I was really enjoying Tang Fan’s teacher-pupil interactions with the crown prince.

    Thank you for translating!

    Liked by 1 person

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