FYC 108: Sui Guangchuan, the Bastard

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Xie Qian and Tang Fan stepped forth to bow. The Prince didn’t wait for them to even bend over before he scrambled up to stop them. “Don’t be overly polite, teachers! Look at you, Teacher Xie — you did something like this, and made Teacher Tang do the same!”

Of all that was in officialdom, what was most abundant was false politeness. Tang Fan had seen countless ‘fake polite’ people, who clearly wanted you to bow, but would still shout about politeness not being needed, putting on obvious airs yet acting like they were respectful scholars. What was true and what was false were things the other party might not sense, but bystanders could tell all too well.


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Character Guide and Glossary

8 thoughts on “FYC 108: Sui Guangchuan, the Bastard

  1. Ooh… a rather straightforward attack… “your word against mine”. But Tang Fan is really good at talking (except to Sui Zhou) so… I wonder if the Emperor is going to get tired of punishing Tang Fan, and then reinstating Tang Fan with a raise, then punishing him again, then…

    Thank you for the chapter, and take care!


  2. Sinto muito por suas dores de cabeça chichi, espero que melhore logo. Você é nossa luz que ilumina nossa vida! Mal posso esperar por mais continuações. 💖

    Muito obrigada por traduzir!!!

    Em relação a Tang Fan realmente está com problemas. Esses conflitos com o imperador ainda vai lhe tirar um pouco de sono. Tadinho do príncipe herdeiro ele mal pode salvar alguém. 💔 Vamos seguir com nosso garoto inteligente para sair dessa enrascada.


  3. Thank you Chichi! I hope you feel better soon.

    And Oh no! This plot against Tan Fang and the prince is a worry. It’s Tang Fan’s word against Lin Ying’s. D:


  4. Thank you for your hard work! Take good care of yourself, your health is the most important thing.


  5. Thank you for your continued translation despite not feeling good. Hope you get better soon!


  6. Oh no! I guess it’s easy to please the crown prince but not so easy to keep the emperor happy.

    I wish you relief from your headaches! Thank you so much for translating!


  7. So sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well, Chichi. Many thanks again for the chapter! I can’t wait for the confrontation, confession and meetings of the hearts and mind time. Please do take care and I can’t see any serious spelling or grammar mistakes! You do a brilliant job as always.


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