FYC 88: Being Superstitious

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Character Guide and Glossary

Winter passed, spring came. Once the white snow covering the world went away completely, branches began to sprout fresh green. For the people of the capital, the biggest change of spring days was that they could swap out their thick winter clothes for lighter, elegant spring garments.

Ever since Wan Tong had returned to the Brocade Guard, he had discovered that every level of it had changed, the power he had originally set up all but thoroughly eliminated. Even the two Bastion Envoys of the North and South were new people.


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Character Guide and Glossary

5 thoughts on “FYC 88: Being Superstitious

  1. I am getting excited about the new case.
    Unexpected ending 😂😂

    Thank you for the translation 💕


  2. Ha ha ha this chapter ending…
    Tang Fan: Don’t worry, I know Wang Zhi very well!
    Wang Zhi covered in chicken blood.
    Tang Fan: Sorry, I don’t know this person at all.

    Thank you for the translation!

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