FYC 87: Sui Zhou’s Secret Lover

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Character Guide and Glossary

Even though he was talking about his ‘neighbors’, who exactly couldn’t tell who he was referring to?

His Majesty currently had five sons. Ever since the Crown Prince, Zhu Youcheng, had been established, Consort Wan had simply gone for broke, no longer preventing the harem women from giving birth. For that reason, following him, four other Princes had quickly sprouted up like bamboo shoots after a rain.


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Character Guide and Glossary

8 thoughts on “FYC 87: Sui Zhou’s Secret Lover

  1. Dear Tang Fan, not realizing Miss Qing was you is not odd. It’s called being in denial. It’s ok. It will pass. Hopefully. One day…

    I’m going to bet on pretty hard for Shang Ming’s idea backfiring. Hopefully with still some consequences and tense moments in the middle, for our better enjoyment!

    Thanks a lot for translating, and get well soon!


  2. Oh dear, slightly drunk Sui Zhou is quite direct and a bit flirty. I enjoyed that I caught on that “Qing” was taken from Runqing! And Tang Fan was blushing!

    What a suspiciously convenient time for Sui Zhou to fall asleep and not have to face consequences.

    I wish you a good recovery from the food poisoning. Thank you so much for translating!

    Liked by 1 person

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