FYC 85: Mister Tang’s Enforcer

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Character Guide and Glossary

Once it had undergone the storytellers’ embellishment process, the tale of Censor Tang sagely cracking the case-within-a-case became widely popular, and quickly spread. In spite of transportation to faraway places not being at all convenient in this day and age, commonfolk enjoyed listening to stories like this the most; in no more than a few months, even the Jiangnan region had heard something of it, with adaptations into folk songs sung by bands even being made, purportedly.


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Character Guide and Glossary

7 thoughts on “FYC 85: Mister Tang’s Enforcer

  1. So what I’m hearing with the new housing situation is that big sis took the kids to her place and Tang Fan and Sui Zhou have their house to themselves 😏😏😏😏

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  2. Thank you so much for your translation!

    I really liked this arc. Seeing Tang Fan in a family setting, Sui Zhou romantic craftiness, and the natural way the many convoluted cases evolved, was a great pleasure to read as usual!

    It reminded me why I love this book so much I think. It has a lot of “realistic” mediocre everyday life characters, some being just pathetic, other committing crimes for stupid reasons, other being pitiful, but at the same time the main characters keep clear heads and good hearts. So it stays an optimistic read even though it has the full panel of real life disappointments…


  3. Wow thank you so new plot starts soon! Cant wait gosh how I love TF with his so careful and upright thinking! His gluttony makes him adorable but he always knows where his principles lies! Thank you for your effort


  4. I’m glad that Tang Yu is getting along well in business. I too find it hilarious that Ah-Dong is already an aunt. I think it’s a little too convenient that Tang Fan is leaving his new house for his sister and is instead still staying with Sui Zhou.
    And Qiu Jun is back from retirement! I like him a lot but honestly it stresses me out that he is all ethics and no self-preservation.
    Thank you for translating!

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