LY Extras 1-3

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(a) Proprietor Wen and the Li’l Butterball

Half a year later, Nian Dada said his farewells to Proprietor Wen, settled his room charge, and prepared to return to Fuyao Mountain. Proprietor Wen — surname Wen, given name Jing — was the proprietor of the run-down inn that was ‘three coins a night’, and he had a big round belly. In his youth, he had worked as an armed escort, covered in a heroic aura as he ran all around jianghu, and could have eaten eight big mantous in one meal.

Their scene of farewell had not the slightest bit of sorrow to it, because there was third friend present that was really messing with it.


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12 thoughts on “LY Extras 1-3

  1. Wow this novel has been quite a ride, words can’t express the feelings i have rn lol this one will always be one of my favorites! Thank you for your hard work translating this masterpiece!


  2. That happy ending for the Sect is making me feel like on cloud nine and also made me feel the bitter sweet ending for the masters… I’m at awe from your translations..I can never thank enough. Bye bye for now, till I see your translations again.


  3. That last extra is honestly TOO FCKING SAD! JUSTICE FOR THE MASTERS PLEASE hoping some kind soul out there would write liu yao fics with FULL FLUFF and no one dying, just them living happily as a family of legendary immortals please im begging PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE [desperate]

    Thank you for translating


  4. Finished this novel without understanding what actually happened to Tong Ru and Muchun Zhenren. Can someone explain what Tong Ru exactly did? Gosh the thing with the Four Saints is even more confusing 😭


  5. Can someone explain the note about the pill and why is Chen qi upset with Yan when Li yu revealednthe secret behind it


    • It was the note that Yan Zhengming gave to Li Yu back when him and Cheng Qian first got together in the The Valley of the Heart Demon. It was a Heart Cleansing Pill that would make Chang Qian forget about love, hate, and focus only on cultivation. He said it was a backup in case Cheng Qian regretted getting together with him lmao.

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  6. the last extra made me so sad, but also have a sense of satisfaction as well.. i’m glad that, in a way, tong ru and han muchun got their happy ending.


  7. Second extra make me laugh. Third one is like ninja cutting onion then shove it all in front of my eyes.

    IT HURTS A LOT AAAAAAAAA THANK U FOR THE TL I’ll go back crying sobs


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