FYC 45: Somewhat Helpless

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Character Guide and Glossary

Tang Fan had just been minding his own business, his body walking down the street, but his mind in a state of wandering elsewhere. The fist right in front of him brought him back, and he subconsciously withdrew two steps. His heel bumped against the edge of some tangerine-seller’s little basket, quickly unsteadying his center of gravity and near about sending him down to the ground.

Right then, someone reached out to grab him by the belt and haul him to the side, thus averting it.


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Character Guide and Glossary

9 thoughts on “FYC 45: Somewhat Helpless

  1. MXS’s mini theater is a cold joke. Eunuchs are caller ‘gonggong’, or has a ‘gong’ on their address. But, ‘gong’ is also used as ‘top’/’seme’/’1(one)’. ‘gong’ in Chinese means ‘to attack’. But, we know Wang Zhi can’t ‘attack’ since he doesn’t have ‘that’, because eunuchs are castrated, as they interact with the women in the palace as one of their responsibilites/tasks. They are castrated to prevent them from ‘accidentally’ impregnating the women in the palace.


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