FYC 44: Popular

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Character Guide and Glossary

Tang Fan was bedridden for a full half-month, where Sui Zhou thereby came to learn of his popularity.

Those that had been admitted as Palace Honorates of the same year as Tang Fan didn’t need to be explained. The majority of them had since been assigned to abroad posts, while the scant best-of-the-bests were presently simmering their qualifications as they stayed in Hanlin. To be able to simmer in that division was an honor; not everyone was a ‘dumbo’ like Tang Fan, who transferred out of it.


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Character Guide and Glossary

3 thoughts on “FYC 44: Popular

  1. I’m glad Tang Fan did not simply shut up and take his teacher’s word as a gospel. Of course, you should hear your elders and teachers’ opinions because they most likely have more knowledge and experience than you. However, our opinions are also shaped by our own biases. It’s expected that the older Ming officials would be extremely cautious towards new wars- wars are fought by the young after all- but Tang Fan is right in his view: if they shut themselves down and hope that nobody attacks them, they’ll eventually find themselves against a much more competent rival. Which is something proven by history, in this case.


  2. I wonder how many more huge Dynasty matters will be planned behind the curtains by Tang Fan..
    Thank you for translation!


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