FYC 40: To the Little Prince

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Character Guide and Glossary

Tang Fan was quiet for a long while. “You wanted to avenge Lady Ji, but why did you kill Han Zao?”

Yuan Liang sighed. “Beside the Prince as I was, no matter what I did, I would end up implicating him as well, so I couldn’t act. Even if I loathed Consort Wan to the core, I had to bear with it. Then, one day, her elder maid, Fu Ru, came looking for me, and asked if I wanted to take revenge for Lady Ji. I said yes, and then she said that she would persuade Consort Wan to send some soup over to the Prince. Whatever song and dance I made up when the time came would be entirely up to me.”


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Character Guide and Glossary

4 thoughts on “FYC 40: To the Little Prince

  1. Aish, this is the problem with feudal systems. In the end, the Crown Prince’s life was deemed to have more weight than Han Zao’s life. Han Zao was an innocent and harmless child, but other people felt that he had to die in order to “accomplish a great purpose”. We are lucky to live in an era when legally, all people’s lives are worth the same.


  2. Uh I really cant understand mind of a person who kills child for his own means this is gruesome and horrible really. And consort wan is no better with all that infant killing… Thank you for the chapter


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