FYC 39: Traitors Get All the Luck

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Character Guide and Glossary

The Western Depot folk looked at each other awkwardly. One amongst them cupped his hands. “Sir Tang, the Chief Eunuch ordered us to invite you into the palace. He’s currently waiting for you at its gate!”

His tone was polite. That wasn’t because the fiendish Depot wardens had suddenly switched natures into becoming docile and pure, but because they had witnessed Tang Fan’s assignment to a palace case. Even Wang Zhi had never ordered him around during it. They thus went with the direction of the wind, showing him some degree of courtesy.


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Character Guide and Glossary

5 thoughts on “FYC 39: Traitors Get All the Luck

  1. Your comments are always to the point. How can someone seek justice for the innocent by killing another innocent person?
    Thank you for your translation!


  2. How does emperor keep a woman who kills off all his sons huh? I mean it’s clearly mad??? Even if he does not love children he needs heir?? Sigh….thank you!


    • Ok, I’m no expert in Chinese history, but reading about Chenghua Emperor’s life, his relationship with Consort Wang could be considered as borderline grooming. She was with him when he was put under house arrest as a (very) young child and became the closest person to him. Because of the age difference, she took on many roles in his life, if you think about it. I’m not saying Consort Wang was a predator exactly, but she definitely took advantage of a vulnerable child in order to elevate her own position. It makes sense that he follows her wishes for the most part, even if it seems contradictory to his own interests.


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