GS 23: The Past

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Total extermination. This huge incident implicating a vassal Prince, defending general, and literary official had shaken every level of society, and left an impression upon the people most deep.

Han Yuan was beheaded, the Prince of An’s fiefdom was taken away, and Jin Yunfeng had killed himself. There had been more than a dozen people in the Jin family — young and old, male and female — but not a single one had the fortune to flee.


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29 thoughts on “GS 23: The Past

  1. I agree. Yan Xiaohan didn’t save those two because he’s a righteous person or because he cared about them. In the first place, I believe he arrested them to protect Fu Shen from being caught helping the “treacherous”. When he saw that there was an opportunity to save their lives, he did it just regarding Fu Shen is his heart. And Fu Shen believes that he couldn’t love Yan Xiaohan wholeheartedly knowing what he did.
    However, I also believe that Fu Shen is only immensely stubborn. I do think that, even if he never knew that Yan Xiaohan saved the wife and kid, Fu Shen would be able to recognize his tenderness and his tendency to self-depreciation with time, and would come to understand him more, as well as the things he do. He would most likely come to love Yan Xiaohan as he is either way.

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  2. I am conflicted about Fu Shen’s reaction. His belief that YX is not a big bad wolf is like invalidating YX’s character. I have two theories about what happened: 1. YX let the two go because the father died 2. YX suggested suicide to the father in exchange for the life of the two. Either way, YX benefitted and saving the two wasn’t truly an act of benevolence, but an intersection of benefits, and care for Fu Shen. As such, YX is inherently not a righteous person, but that doesn’t mean that such a person is undeserving of love. Given the current circumstances, does it mean that TF can only love YX if he is righteous and always does the right and selfless thing?
    YX may not be righteous, but he isn’t evil. I hope that the author won’t try to reform him, to a version of TF.


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