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“Chichi, what the heck is this? Why did you upload the first six chapters like a year after you last uploaded the rest of the novel?” Allow me to explain, friend.
Compared to the rest of my translations, Golden Stage was old. It needed updating to be more in line with my current standards and style. At first, I did this in the form of an EPUB, as it was infinitely easier to edit and streamline than individual WordPress posts (I was completely right, WordPress is a pain and I had to copy paste each individual paragraph because it’s allergic to mass block pasting/deletion… hrrrrgh). Once actual licensed EPUBs started being a real thing instead of a pipe dream, I removed and stopped creating EPUBs, meaning that I had to update the posts all by hand.
One of those EPUB-exclusive updates was the fact that I did my own versions of the first six chapters, instead of using penhappy’s posts, which… no. I don’t use other people’s stuff for my stuff. Thus was how these anachronistic chapters came to be.
After much wrangling with WordPress, the online version is now identical in quality to the late EPUB version. Happy reading!

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