GS “Extra 5”: Weibo Exclusives

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These three blurbs are available only on Weibo. The first two aren’t full-fledged extras because they’re not very long, and the third one CWBB herself mentioned in her concluding notes, saying it was too ‘shocking’. The shocking content is… well, maybe it’s just not shocking to me.

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Dispelling Cold

At the winter solstice’s recurrence, the Empress Dowager continued the old Changzhi Court custom of ordering the imperial kitchens to make lamb-and-dumpling soup, then bestowing it to all officials, thus leaving Fu Shen and Yan Xiaohan behind to accompany the child Emperor in his evening meal. By happenstance, an attendant came into the palace with a freshly-created cold-dispelling chart.[1] Fu Shen personally taught his little nephew how to draw plum blossoms, and the Dowager was eager for someone to help her look after the kid, so Mister Yan had no choice but to drink a half-bowl of vinegar in the face of their joyful chatter.

Back in the Estate at nightfall, Yan Xiaohan hung their imperially-bestowed cold-dispelling chart up in the study. Right when he dipped his brush and went to dot off the first plum blossom, Fu Shen suddenly turned evil and jumped on him, hanging onto his back. The pounce made Sir Yan’s hand jolt, his drawing going askew.


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29 thoughts on “GS “Extra 5”: Weibo Exclusives

  1. Just ended…it took my breath day After day ♥️. . What a true pair of lovers, bro, Friends, 2 lovebirds who were faited in this life and the
    previous one. I m jealous 😭. Where Can i find the last extra on weibo please? 🙏🙏🙏


  2. 😭😭 tysm for translating this. I love this couple so much and im gonna have a hard time getting over them.


  3. This damn novel made me realize how single I actually am, and how I’m never going to find someone to treat me like these two do for each other. Thank you for translating this! Ah I’m kind da sad this is all over 😦

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  4. I bet Yan Xiaohan is more beautiful than the Western Tartas Princess herself, since he was mentioned that he resembled his mother – the nation most beauty 😂😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 3 people

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