Nanling Bids Farewell to its Children Gone to the Capital (南陵别儿童入京) by Li Bai (李白)

Pale wine brewed fresh ‘pon my mountain return,
and fair fowl peck feed to grow plump in fall
I call help to pair pale wine with roast fowl,
while children jeer and grab at my plain clothes
I sing aloud and seek wine to self-soothe,
dancing to vie with sunrise for splendor

Lobbying high suffers from time in lack,
horse whipped to reach a far-off place on clock
In Kuaiji, that fool wife disdained Maichen,*
and I, too, leave home for the capital.
Head back, I laugh as I head out the door;
how could I be a man of the wildlands?

Original Text

* Zhu Maichen worked as a wood gatherer until he became an official of Kuaiji at forty-ish years of age. His wife left him before that, sick of being in poverty, and remarried. After he made something of himself, she committed suicide.

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