FYC 149: Still Pretty Warm

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Character Guide and Glossary

The Princess having been able to find out that Consort Wan fell ill and passed out was already pretty well-informed of her — she hadn’t expected that Tang Fan would be even more well-informed.

What surprised them even more was the fact that Consort Wan was actually dead.

There was a moment of silence within the hall. No one spoke, seemingly all mulling over the news.


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Character Guide and Glossary

3 thoughts on “FYC 149: Still Pretty Warm

  1. All important mysteries are solved: the carriage was an abandoned plan and Sui Zhou’s temper was the result of a lack of blankets XD

    This arc is such a magistral finale with the way it moves all its conspiracy’s pieces, switches perspective and makes you sympathise with different characters.

    Thank you for translating!


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