FYC 131: A Luck With Women Only Mister Tang Can Enjoy

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These successive events caused everyone to feel somewhat confounded, especially the Lin household. At first, Lady Chen and the steward had half-believed all this, merely believing that Tang Fan was being sensationalist, yet horrible news had genuinely descended upon them. They couldn’t accept this for a minute. Lady Chen fainting aside, even the steward was as still as a wooden chicken, not knowing what to do with limbs.

After Magistrate Fan and Ji Min got over their shock, they simultaneously looked to Tang Fan, the one with the highest post.


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Character Guide and Glossary

2 thoughts on “FYC 131: A Luck With Women Only Mister Tang Can Enjoy

  1. The only Shen I can remember was Shen Gui working for the white lotus society, and I can’t remember the text mentioning him having a stubborn and snobbish cousin (if it’s even the same Shen character XD) Maybe in the Tang Fan’s in-laws arc? There was a lot about exam taking in that one…

    I love how some truths are revealed, but those new facts also reveal more mysteries… It keeps you on your toes all the time!
    Thank you Chichi for translating it!


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