FYC 126: Illicit Relations in Bed! (Not Really)

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Character Guide and Glossary

Upon hearing this, Tang Fan immediately started frowned. “Then, does he admit that his son’s death was unrelated to Shen Kunxiu?”

Lu Lingxi shook his head. “Not so. He said that Lin Zhen had been pressured into his death by Shen Kunxiu, and also that Lin Zhen was buried. By the logic of letting him be at peace in the ground, the coffin must never be opened for an autopsy, and if you can’t right this wrong for him, he’s going to go to the capital to beat the drum of grievances.”


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Character Guide and Glossary

2 thoughts on “FYC 126: Illicit Relations in Bed! (Not Really)

  1. “Again, though. Who is Yiqing…?”
    So the drama begins hahahahaha

    The guy lets down his guard for a few chapters and goes to do his job and there is a new young puppy that follows his man around lolz


  2. Hahaha my first reaction was “does that mean that Sui Zhou was in fact there in the last chapter?” but I guess we have a time skip in this one so the previous title didn’t lie XD
    “The formerly-ordinary case of cheating on imperial exams had become a bit odd due to these additional few couple of deaths” is such an understatement and yet an accurate description of the case. Can’t wait to see how it evolves!

    Thank you very much for the translation!


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