FYC 119: Layers of Progress, Facing Off with the Enemy, and the Footman, Sui Zhou

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Character Guide and Glossary

Xiao Wu didn’t want to die. She further didn’t want to die for Chen Luan, nor be buried with him, else she wouldn’t be swaying back and forth between betraying him or not.

And then this moment came.

Seeing the blades coming in at three angles, she subconsciously shrieked, tightly gripped Tang Fan’s clothes, and hid behind him.


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Character Guide and Glossary

5 thoughts on “FYC 119: Layers of Progress, Facing Off with the Enemy, and the Footman, Sui Zhou

  1. ahhhhh did I see the discord notification and read this chapter during a work meeting? Yes, yes I did (!!!!) so goood !!

    re SZ shoving XY after the murder attempt – lollll so good

    re SZ being a boss warrior – dang how does he make murder look so hot 🥵 (okay, not murder, but v violent self defense)

    re SZ bitterly following TF and XY – once this case is over or whenever there’s a reprieve, I do hope TF is able to get over himself and SuiTang can have quality fluff time ❤️

    re XY – honestly I respect her for being brilliant and doing the most to survive. a woman’s lot in these times is rough TT_TT

    re TF – it’s great seeing when his character shifts back to himself – clear minded, calm, with a heart geared towards justice

    Thank you Chichi for a great translation!! can’t wait to see what happens next *o*

    Liked by 1 person

    • also mad props for the beautifully translated fight scene at the beginning. the imagery was so well crafted “The other assassin thought to draw back upon seeing his companion fail, but before he could turn around, a spring-gilt sabre had already pierced through his back. The final act he had in life was to lower his head and see its bloodstained tip shining in the sunlight.” v well written


  2. Haha I don’t know, I’m suddenly picturing the situation like a western movie… I’m expecting Ennio Morricone’s music at any moment now!
    I love the dynamic between the characters, so fluid and coherent.

    Thank you for the chapter!


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