FYC 117: Acting School, and Villain-Eats-Villain

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Character Guide and Glossary

Standing outside the door was a big, tall man wearing a trueseventh-rank Gonfalon uniform of the Brocade Guard. If any distinguishing feature of his were to be spoken of, it would be his mustache that blocked practically half of his face. Still, his eyes were bright, and as he stood there, his out-of-the-ordinary bearing felt like a deep pool of still water, a peak on a tall mountain.

What a shame it was that Tang Fan had no martial arts knowledge. Were Lu Lingxi here, he would know that the other man was definitely an expert fighter.


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Character Guide and Glossary

11 thoughts on “FYC 117: Acting School, and Villain-Eats-Villain

  1. I knew it!!! I feel like there’s sth wrong with that bodyguard right from the start like he looks especially restless and it really turns out Sui ge. 🤣🤣LOL His skill in disguise is absolutely lacking!!


  2. There’s really no matching the sudden humor of realizing who the Brocade guard actually is. Thank you for translating!


  3. Brilliant. Thanks Chichi 🙂

    Every chapter update gives me life. This is my first time reading something like a serial, where I anxiously await the new material.

    Much oblige for your hard work! 🙏 Happy mid-autumn 🌕


  4. Haha I laughed so hard at Sui Zhou being 100% committed to speak like his role, but barely 1% committed to behaving like it XD

    Thank you very much for the translation! (and I also totally did the werewolf howl for ah-Wu ^_^’)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I came late to this great party, and was lucky to have 117 chapters to read, I really love this story. Thank you for the translations and will be waiting patiently for updates, thanks again, not sure if I should watch the drama, now that I have read the book, I’m sure the drama was adjusted per censorship laws.


    • Urgh the drama… sorry, sort of rant incoming XD Also, before everything, this is just my opinion, and I keep seeing a lot of positive reviews about the drama, so it’s always hard to know exactly what works for people or not but…
      In my humble opinion, the drama is mostly a huge mess XD
      And certainly, if you enjoy the book, it’s probably not going to be satisfying, not just because of BL censorship, but just because the drama has almost nothing to do with the novel…

      On the positive side I’d say that I have kept the actor playing Sui Zhou as my “mind eye representation” of the character because he did fit the character well. And Wang Zhi was fun even though his character was pretty different from the book. A few of the drama-only characters were, or could have been, interesting so there’s that.
      And I guess, it was oddly enjoyable to shout at the screen, pull my hair and try to come up with the improbable motivations for the extremely stupid way the characters acted all the time? The bad guy plot at the end makes so little sense I laughed like I hadn’t in a long time…

      But yes, the scenario doesn’t make sense most of the time, or is so draggy that you lose sight of what is going on. Tang Fan has been done dirty, probably because of a combination of things (miscasting and the scenarists not knowing how to write someone smart) and ends up being the type of character who everyone else says is smart, but behaves like a righteous moron all the time.

      All in all, it feels like they filmed a bunch of scenes, and then tried to put them together, not bothering with pacing, coherence or even common sense. And to top it all, it’s just lazy filming. Romantic interest? Bring the golden light filter, the slow-mo and the music! Did someone die? Of course it’s raining! We’re even going to have someone drag the corpse outside to make sure that everyone can be under the rain. It doesn’t make sense? Who cares!
      I think I have ptsd…

      Reading the novel for me is a bit of a healing process, because I can vaguely guess what plot seeds were used by the drama to create the monstrosity they did, but in the book it makes sense, it’s smart, people behave like normal people… haaa… My faith in the world is slowly restored.

      So yes, TLDR, there’s really no need to watch the drama. If you like historical detective drama, I would recommend Imperial Coroner (very smart and funny, but a bit timid maybe?) or Ancient Detective (less timid, very funny but a bit clumsy).


    • a couple tidbits about the drama:

      — this twitter account posts great screenshots of sui zhou and tang fan https://mobile.twitter.com/SuiTangBistro Goddess bless the SuiTangBistro curators
      — one observation of Tang Fan’s character in the drama that I’ve seen floating on the internet – “they turned the romance down to 2 and the twink up to 11”
      — extremely well produced ! the lead actors are *excellent*. of course, it wasn’t without its flaws, but at the end of the day, I enjoyed it


  6. Everyone playing each other here. XD

    And I was wondering why ‘Di Han’ was absent the next morning, but he likely didn’t want a front seat view of Tang Fan flirting with Xiao Wu. Hopefully he’ll return with his own appearance restored.

    Thanks again Chichi!


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