FYC 113: Wujiang

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Character Guide and Glossary

The other presumably rode litters out on average, as it was only a few steps from the bureau to the city gate, yet Chen Luan was already gasping for air. It wasn’t until Tang Fan was right in front of him that he forced out a smile. “Please wait a bit, Sir! Dare I ask if you’re Left Metropolitan Censor, Tang Fan?”

Tang Fan raised a brow. “And you are?”


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Character Guide and Glossary

4 thoughts on “FYC 113: Wujiang

  1. Muito obrigada por mais um capítulo chichi. 💖•~• Espero que esteja bem😍🖐

    Aaaah! Imagina se Sui Zhou ficar com ciúmes de Tang Fan devido ao “Qian San’r” estar excessivamente lado a lado com demonstrações inconstantes de afeto a Tang Fan? 🤣👆🏼


  2. haha not used to “short” chapters too! A lot of things happening though, it’s getting reaaaaally intriguing!

    Thanks for the chapter!


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