FYC 104: Sometimes Clever, Sometimes Stupid

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Character Guide and Glossary

Truth be told, as long as one gave all of that careful thought, they could discover the flaws it had. And yet, that completely slipped the mind of the typically-sleuthy Tang Fan in this moment, his mind filled only with what Sui Zhou had just said.

Seeing Sui Zhou’s rare, slightly-gentle look… for some reason, he should have felt relief, but was not happy in the least. “C-Congratulations, then, really,” he had to stammer.


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Character Guide and Glossary

9 thoughts on “FYC 104: Sometimes Clever, Sometimes Stupid

  1. why, hello there, my new favourite chapter! I was so giddy I couldn’t even read without taking breaks to calm myself from time to time! drunk tang fan admitting his feelings is adorableeeee! and sui zhou waiting near weng zhi’s estate for his husbando 😭😭😭
    thank you so much for the chapter!!

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  2. Thank you for the chapter!

    This has to be my favorite chapter in this story! Tang Fan wanting to get drunk and running to Wang Zhi to vent was gold. Wang Zhi is officially Tang Fan’s BFF after Sui Zhou upgrades to lover LOL also just loved how funny the conversation between Wang Zhi and Tang Fan was about family lines HAHA

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  3. Such a cliff hanger!!! Will we have finally a love break thru ?!
    I love his sister!!! She is such a smart and caring person. She did have her own wishes towards TF but she’d chosen to advice him to be happy. She put her lil brother above the social norms and obligations. 👏 👏 👏

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  4. Ok, but can we talk about how good the author is at dealing with the historical setting? It’s neither filled with bigoted speech for “realism” nor is it so progressive it feels anachronistic.
    Framing the discussion of Tang Fan and Sui Zhou’s relationship through the views of a grumpy eunuch that has seen it all and just want to go to bed, and a caring sister who has experienced a marriage without feeling or respect… we are made aware through those discussions both the objective mind frame of the period and the subjective feelings of friends and family.
    Haaaa….It’s just perfection.

    Also, poor Wang Zhi… the improbable and yet obvious choice for relationship advice… XD

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    • I’m wondering this myself.

      And very frustrated that Tang Fan doesn’t remember his conversation with Wang Zhi properly. Does a drunken realisation of feelings count if the person doesn’t remember it?


    • I think SZ will tell TY the truth. 👏❤️ TF talking to WZ about family lineage was hilarious. 😂😂 if his nephew is gonna be a Tang, then he’ll no longer has any excuse left 👏🌹🥰

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