FYC 100: Achievements in Insults

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Character Guide and Glossary

Sui Zhou reacted extremely quickly, darting over to examine the state of the two’s injuries. Tang Fan and Du Gui’r hurried over in suit.

“How are they?” Seeing the other’s serious expression, Tang Fan’s heart sank.

Sui Zhou shook his head, taking back his hand that had just been beneath Wei Shan’s nose. The man had been stabbed in the back, which had pierced him through the heart. He had long ceased breathing.


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Character Guide and Glossary

4 thoughts on “FYC 100: Achievements in Insults

  1. Hahaha Wang Zhi, Wang Zhi, Wang Zhi… I think his verbal attack has a +99 damage bonus.

    And Du Gui’r is ultra cool. She got beaten up, kidnapped, wounded, but she keeps on healing, and fighting, and wears dead people’s clothes because she’s cold.

    I really like that the author is not portraying Tang Fan as always right to say he’s very smart, but chooses to show that he can be wrong, and yet will be able to bounce back to the right conclusion.
    From a reader perspective, it might be expected that if you bring all the suspicious people with you on a dangerous mission, more than one could turn out to be a traitor, but in the fiction, having this level of foresight would make me think “Dear Tang Fan, is this a transmigration story? have you read the script in advance?”
    I mean, he is already pretty up there in the chess-master category, so it’s nice to see him to some logical and believable mistakes!

    Thank you for the 100th chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

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