FYC 98: Unsophisticated and Crude

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Character Guide and Glossary

Du Gui’r’s shriek was like an invisible hand tightly clutching Tang Fan’s heart. In that split second, it leapt violently, a droning in his ears as her voice reverberated fully.

The next instant, her call abruptly stopped, as if her mouth or throat was being firmly strangled by someone.

He became tense. “Miss Du?”


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Character Guide and Glossary

6 thoughts on “FYC 98: Unsophisticated and Crude

  1. Sui Zhou didn’t have his gentleness. He straight-up took the bottle, dumped out a few pills, pried open Du Gui’r’s mouth, stuffed the pills in it, and slapped her on the cheeks. “Swallow,” he commanded.

    Hmmmm. Sui Zhou, I know you’re saving all your gentleness for your TF, and so there was never gonna be any mouth-to-mouth medicine feeding, but….this method of yours??? 😳😲😧😂😂😂😂

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  2. When your boss’ training is scarier than ghost armies… Poor Wei Shan XD

    ooh! And a new promotion for Meng Cun! He is now a minor villain! Will he keep on climbing the ladder or die before he can upgrade to recurring villain? Since Tang Fan is being threatened and Sui Zhou is not very far, I’m not very optimistic about his odds…

    The author is so good at mixing a bit of sweetness, a bit of horror, a bit of suspense, a bit of mystery, and yet it never feels disjointed.
    Thank you for the translation!

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