FYC 95: Unfriendly Fire

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That guy, Ding Rong, could be described as cunning. Even though Wang Zhi, Tang Fan, and the rest’s private scheme had not been divulged to him, as Wang Zhi’s personal attendee, he couldn’t have not noticed a bit of the commotion and word on the wind.

According to what people at the Wang Estate said, very soon after Wang Zhi had left earlier that day, Ding Rong had left on his tail. Prior to his departure, he had told them that he was going to help Eunuch Wang with something and would return late, also telling the servants to not be lazy. Clearly, he had long made preparations, collected and calm.


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Character Guide and Glossary

4 thoughts on “FYC 95: Unfriendly Fire

  1. I did feel like I was hearing some retro BGM during Sui Zhou and Wang Zhi’s fight XD

    Those characters are all so much fun! Like Sui Zhou being petty and indulgent, Wang Zhi grappling with friendship while having just been betrayed, Tang Fan willing to risk his life but hiding empty dishes… Perfect blend of OP and silliness.

    Thanks for the translation!

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