FYC 63: Implicit Understanding

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Character Guide and Glossary

Tang Fan shot up, his normally respectable, widely-smiling appearance suddenly gone completely dark, scaring Deputy Zhao when he saw it.

“How is he dead? Wasn’t he just fine last night?!” In spite of his anger and fear, Tang Fan did not lose his reason and vent his rage upon the other party.

Deputy Zhao settled down. “Suicide,” he quickly answered. “He hung himself. His family is currently mourning. Centarch Pang brought people to stand watch there; would you like to go take a look?”


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Character Guide and Glossary

5 thoughts on “FYC 63: Implicit Understanding

  1. I mean, we have huge crocs here in Aus, but I don’t think I’ve heard of so many people getting killed and eaten in one fell swoop? At most it’s usually just one person who gets torn to pieces. Idk how different alligators are…maybe it’s just the megladon of gators then?


  2. now that i saw chichi’s comment i realized that wooow maybe it’s not a fucking monster but an animal or something like that

    i can’t handle my own dumbness


  3. Greed really do make people stupid, heh
    They barely scaped with their lives and then returned to the monster’s den * face palm *


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