FYC 61: Not a Bad Size

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Character Guide and Glossary

Over ten people had died, and at this point, it was unclear whether the murderer was a human or a ghost. The commonfolk believed that this was a punishment from the river gods, all terrified senseless. Even Magistrate He was influenced by it, but Tang Fan and the rest were standing at an investigative viewpoint; they would not think about things from that perspective, else the case would never get looked into at all, were they to directly report to the Court that the supernatural was afoot.

They also didn’t want to lose the black hats on their heads, of course.


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Character Guide and Glossary

5 thoughts on “FYC 61: Not a Bad Size

  1. Sui Zhou: “It’s not a bad size,”
    Me: DUDE

    Christ on a stick, this chapter is amazing, lmao!

    Also, I’m begining to wonder – IS Tang Fan truly clueless? Because at this point, I expect that Sui Zhou is already aware of his own feelings. And I expect that he THINKS Tang Fan is innocent/naive/doesn’t notice. But is he, really? Tang Fan is, after all, extremely keen on the details, with eyes and intellect to catch even the tiniest of clues, expected or not. He is also an excellent liar, fond of playing games and digging pits. Furthermore, we have an unreliable narrator. Even though at times we do get to see how Tang Fan (or even Sui Zhou) think, often times we are being strung along with the crowd, getting roped in on Tang Fan’s schemes, only to have his thinking explained after the fact.

    Tl;dr: Tang Fan be suss.

    And on a serious note, thank you Chichi for all the amazing work you put into this novel! Some chapters ago I saw your comment in regards to some people’s rubbish in regards to the way you translate – that’s just drivel. Even without reading this in its original language I can tell that this is one complex novel. Not only in meaning, but in the grammar, sentence structure, wordings used.. in short it mush be an extremely challenging novel to translate and I’m blown away by the quality of your translation. I did have slight trouble getting used to the writing style MXS uses in this novel at the beginning, but that’s just that. The translation is nothing short of professional, I’d say.
    So yeah, thank you again!

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  2. Tang Fan my boy is too naive to catch a glimpse of Sui Zhou’s flirting. But I’m glad to see their relationship improving thanks to this trip.

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  3. Just a chapter or two ago when I learned they would be traveling together, I thought to myself “there better be only one bed ehehehe”

    But they really had 9 houses to choose from and still chose to sleep on the same bed anyway???!!!?!? I’m dead!?!

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  4. Brother Sui does know how to flirt… Pity that TF is not catching on to his intentions! 😂
    I’m very curious to see what these gods/ghost are. The author writes very compelling cases, I’m never bored of them.

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  5. Laughing 😂 legs spread, pants off, robes lifted …. not bad size – oh my goodness !!!! The A Thing should be soon huh?! 🤔

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