LY 86

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Beneath their feet, a massive array spread out like a slowly-igniting fire beacon. A sigh, coming from who-knew-where, was in their ears.

Cheng Qian was stunned. “This looks like the one Han Yuan drew outside of Fuyao Mountain that one day.”

“Shh…” Yan Zhengming raised a hand and covered Cheng Qian’s eyes. “Listen carefully.”


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4 thoughts on “LY 86

  1. Remember when I said I’ll wait to start the novel till I know what the future holds for remaining chapters… :3 well I couldn’t control myself and jumped into this pit (in worst case I’ll just MTL the remaining 9 chaps)

    Apparently, I had already read until c42 something back in 2019 but for whatever reason I forgot about it and thought I haven’t read this novel since it wasn’t in my reading list haha

    I really had my heart in my throat when I was reading c49 and onwards until the reunion

    Thanks for the translation, you’re a god sent Chichi, picking it up right after the confession scene in c84 😉


  2. Until chapter 100?? Yaaaaaayyy!!! Thank you so much for translating liu yao and thank you even more to the commissioner!!! Angels of my life ❤


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